Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Superhero Trivia 1/16/12

Last month's trivia question was pretty much a debacle.  It took forever to get a winner, which always makes me grumpy.  So today I'm going to do a really super-easy question.  As before the winner gets $5.  No more participation prize.  I think most people who comment already have my book and I don't feel like sending someone a buck anymore.  Besides, that doesn't seem to motivate people much anyway.

It's this guy...
Here's today's super-easy superhero trivia question:

Which villain broke Batman's back in Batman:  Knightfall and "The Dark Knight Rises?"

A.  Bane
B.  Clayface
C.  Killer Croc
D.  Solomon Grundy

The Andrew Leon rule remains in effect.  Andrew Leon is disqualified for winning November and Briane Pagel is disqualified for winning December.

Good luck!

Tomorrow is another self-serving book review!


  1. I'll pass since I'd only be guessing and there must be someone out there who really knows the answer.

  2. Man, you even put the pic right up there!

  3. This question was too easy. So I'm gonna bitch about it like you bitch about flash fiction.

  4. I feel like a winner! Thanks for the prize.

  5. It was Amygdala! Or should have been!



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