Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Phony Photos: January

Last month I got a coupon in my email for Shutterfly and I had a brilliant idea.  Instead of going to the mall and buying some boring stock calendar like I do every year, why not make my own calendar featuring all the awesome characters I've made in the Sims?  Yeah, so that happened.  And I figured if I'm going to do one of these a month, why not use the calendar pages.  Because I'm lazy like that.

So this is January's calendar image.

The people in this are mostly the same one, only at different ages.  In the left corner is Esther at age 7.  For some reason the "brown" they had is a funny reddish-purple shade.  In the center is Esther grown up in her 30s.  The big image on the right is Esther at 12 or so.  The top right corner is her daughter Natalie when she's about 7.

Stay tuned next month for February's!

Tomorrow I catch you up on movies I watched last fall...


  1. So you're gonna sell these, right?

    The purple haired girl looks like that girl who played a receptionist on "The Practice" and later played Joey's little sister on "Friends". She was hot.

  2. Briane sees deeply I think. Cool that you made a calendar. I was thinking of making a t-shirt or something for myself too. I have no idea why except that it'd be awesome.

  3. I think creating calendars is a great idea. I'm glad you thought of it. Great Christmas gifts. Too late for this year but maybe for next....

  4. Great idea Pat. You could use it as a marketing thing too. Free calendar of the characters with every book sold!

  5. i skimmed you today...just kidding. i think that's a great idea!! you should do what maurice said put it with every book sold. :D



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