Wednesday, May 1, 2013


BIG ANNOUNCEMENT:  My "publisher" for A Hero's Journey decided to get off their butts and actually contribute something to the marketing.  A very small something.  They're lowering the price of the book to 99 cents for the month of May*.  And I'm also lowering the price for the rest of the series to 99 cents for May.  If you don't remember what they're about, read this post from about a month ago!  So if you've been putting off buying it for whatever reason, stock up now before prices jump up in June!  Think about it this way:  $7.92 in May versus up to $34.42 after May.  By Grabthar's hammer, what a savings!

(*This obviously only applies to the ebook, not the paperback.  If it's not showing up yet, just check back in a day or two for it to be updated.  I know it's already updated on Smashwords, so you can go there to buy it in any ebook format.)

And now back to regular programming, which is now free of A to Z bullshit.  Huzzah!  On the down side, just six months until NanoWriMo, which means we'll start talking about that now.  (These things are as annoying as the holiday shopping season.)

From my SIMply the Best calendar it's time for the merry month of May.  Hooray!  If you remember last month's (or last week's Box Office Blitz poll) then half of this should seem pretty familiar.
I mistitled my own book on my calendar.  D'OH!

The one on the left is again Stacey Chance, as it also says on the calendar itself.  Only this time she's dyed her hair a weird red color for her first date with a dude.  Next to her is little 10-year-old Stacey Chang.  Who's that?  That would be the Chinese version of Stacey Chance.  There's a complicated explanation that makes little actual sense.  You'll hear more about it in two weeks.  Anyway, again with Stacey Chang you see the purple-for-black hair coloring.  Oy vey.

Tomorrow I review something!


  1. I always wondered how to spell Grabthar.

    1. I have no idea if that's the official spelling or not. Maybe I should watch that with the captioning on to see how they spell it.

  2. I will make my announcement on my blog for you tomorrow!

  3. And I'll make my announcement on my blog for you later this week.

  4. Nice, sounds like your publisher is finally turning around. Hope the sale goes well



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