Friday, May 3, 2013

Box Office Blitz Week 17

Back when Die Hard 5 came out, I guaranteed that would be the #1 movie, that it was a complete no-brainer.  Then it almost wasn't the #1 movie.  But this time, I can absolutely, positively guarantee 100% that Iron Man 3 will be the #1 movie this weekend.  I mean it's already shattered foreign box office records and while it sometimes seems that foreign audiences are more easily entertained, I think in this case we can assume it means the movie will be #1 here too.  So there's 100 points for you right there.

The real difficulty will be guessing #2 and #3!

Here's the list from my local megaplex (* denotes a new release)

  • 42
  • Arthur Newman
  • Evil Dead
  • GI Joe:  Retaliation
  • Identity Thief
  • Iron Man 3*
  • Jurassic Park 3D
  • Mud
  • Oblivion
  • Olympus Has Fallen
  • Oz the Great & Powerful
  • Pain and Gain
  • Quartet (This has to be the longest-running movie I've never heard of.)
  • Scary Movie 5
  • Silver Linings Playbook
  • The Big Wedding
  • The Company You Keep
  • The Call
  • The Croods
  • The Place Behind the Pines 
  • The Sapphires
  • Tyler Perry's Temptation
My picks this week will be:
  1. Iron Man 3 $150M
  2. Pain & Gain $12M
  3. 42 $8M
 Now you pick in the comments!  But wait, don't forget the bonus question!

This week's bonus question for 300 points is:
Will "Iron Man 3" make MORE or LESS than "The Avengers" opening box office of $207.4M?

But wait, there's more!  Last week I added a survey question worth 100 points.  Bribery seems like an effective way to solicit opinions, so here's another one:

I've retired from serious writing, but last weekend I thought up a not-so-serious idea.  It's a crossover story like the Hardy Boys meet Nancy Drew, CSI meets Without a Trace, or Scooby Doo meets the Globetrotters.  This would involve the Scarlet Knight and Stacey Chance working on a case together.  The idea is that Stacey visits Rampart City and runs across a killer she (as Detective Steve Fischer) supposedly saw die 35 years ago thanks to the previous Scarlet Knight, Percival Graves.  Stacey looks into the case, only to come across the current Scarlet Knight, Emma Earl, who is also looking into it.  They agree to join forces to find the killer before he/she strikes again.

So:  GO or NO GO? (Or whatever wording you want to use to indicate if it's a good or bad idea.)  Whoever answers gets 100 bonus points, including the winner of the round.

Results should be posted Sunday afternoon.


  1. On the survey: GO. You know my thoughts on whether you should keep writing. Keep writing. Sounds like an interesting idea.

    On the trivia question or whatever: I'll say "Less," because I don't want anything to beat "The Avengers" because that was an awesome movie, and also because I am almost certainly going to see "Iron Man 3" today but I'm already a little disappointed because I think, like the first one and the second one, there are going to be, like, a zillion Iron Men in this movie. Iron Man, to my recollection, based on the ONE ISSUE of his comic I have (where a villain named "Blizzard" almost freezes Tony Stark's heart, and Iron Man uses roller skates!) did NOT fight SOLELY IRON MEN. Let's get creative, people. (If I am wrong, apply this rant to the next Iron Man sequel: Iron Man 4: Step Up 2 The Streets.)

    On to the box office picks:

    1. Iron Man: $192 million.
    2. 42: $5 million.
    3. Mud: $4 million.

    I should've put "The Croods" in there but by now every kid in America who was going to be shunted off to a movie so Mom could get some "quiet time" (drunk) has seen that movie.

  2. Iron Man - $100 mil
    Pain and Gain $10 mil
    42 - $6 mil

    Iron man will NOT beat the Avengers

    And you should write the story. Maybe your retirement can be like Stephen King's was. Which for him meant writing two novels and several short stories per year.

  3. Iron Man 3 $211 million
    Pain and Gain $7 million
    42 - $5 million

  4. As for whether or not you write again, that's not really something someone else can tell you. If it is, then I question your interest in writing. If it isn't, then writing is simply something you feel compelled to do.

    1. Iron Man 3 ($150 mil)
    2. Pain & Gain ($10 mil)
    3. Oblivion ($8 mil)

    1. The question is if anyone else would be interested in reading it or if it sounds like the most ridiculous, idiotic idea ever.

  5. If you want to write the story, you should certainly write the story. Besides, once the idea is in your head, it's not likely to just go away. It will be there poking your brain and growing and being annoying until you do something about it.

    Iron Man will be less than Avengers.

    1. Iron Man 3 -- $160m
    2. Pain & Gain -- $9m
    3. Oblivion -- $8m

  6. Iron Man#3 $170 mil.

    Oblivion $90 mil.

    Pain and Gain $10 mil.

  7. Iron Man 3 $180 million
    Pain and Gain $6 million
    42 - $4 million

    Iron Man will be less than Avengers.

    As for your idea, I don't see why not. I don't think it sounds idiotic.

  8. We all know you will end up writing that story. I think you are just feeling bummed right now. But Stephen King is correct when he said of true writers: "Writers don't write because they want to write. They write because they need to write."

    I'm afraid that you will not be able to step away from writing. It's just something about you. Enjoy your writing "break" though for however long it lasts.



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