Sunday, May 12, 2013

Box Office Blitz Week 18 Results + Shenanigans!

Before I get to the results this week, I just wanted to vent about something annoying this month.  First someone "bought" a copy of Chance of a Lifetime (Chances Are #1) and right away refunded it.  A few days later someone "bought" a copy of Second Chance (Chances Are #2) and right away refunded it.  Then a couple days ago someone "bought" a copy of Last Chance (Chances Are #3) and (wait for it)...right away refunded it.  Now doesn't that sound suspicious to you?  I mean to "buy" and refund consecutive books in a series seems too orderly to be coincidence.  It makes me wonder if someone downloaded them just to make an illegal copy or if they read them really quick and refunded them or maybe someone was just pranking me.  In any case it's annoying.  I'd send Amazon an email but I'm sure they'd just send me some stupid generic email about their refund policy and do nothing.  Still, I cry Shenanigans!
OK, now to Box Office Blitz results this week.  Gatsby performed better than expected, but Iron Man still beat it down.  The final results were:
  1. Iron Man $72.5M
  2. Gatsby $51.1M
  3. Pain & Gain $5M
The winner this week is...ME!  Because I was the only one who guessed Pain & Gain at #3.  (I guess Tyler Perry should have put his name on "Peeples.")  Specifically I picked:
  1. Iron Man 3 $50M
  2. Gatsby $30M
  3. Pain and Gain $8M
I was way off on the numbers, but it's still a trifecta.  Plus 500 bonus for winning.  Let's see what the rest of y'all did:

Maurice Mitchell picked:
1. Iron Man 3 - $70 million
2. The Great Gatsby - $41 million
3. Peeples - $13 million

That's 200 points for him.

Andrew Leon picked:
1. Iron Man Three -- $72m
2. Gatsby -- $35m
3. Peeples -- $16m

Also 200 points.

Michael Offutt picked:

Iron Man 3 will take in $80 million
Gatsby will take in $35 million
Peeples - $18 million

200 points.

Stephen Hayes picked:
#1 Iron Man III-----$60 mil.
#2 Great Gatsby-----$24 mil.
#3 Mud--------------#14 mil.

200 points.

Briane Pagel picked (eventually):
1. Iron Man: ALL THE MONEY.
2. The Great Gatsby. A LESSER AMOUNT OF MONEY.
3. Disconnect. VIRTUALLY NO MONEY.

Despite no dollar values he still gets 200 points.

Cindy Borgne picked:
Iron Man 3 will take in $72 million
Gatsby will take in $30 million
Peeples - $12 million

Guess what?  200 points.

Our fearless leader Tony Laplume is on a 2 week cold streak with:
1. Iron Man III ($70 mil)
2. The Great Gatsby ($40 mil)
3. Peeples ($15 mil)

Only 200 points.

As for the bonus, I asked whether Gatsby would make more or less than half of Iron Man.  You don't even need a calculator to know that 51 is MORE than half of 72.5.  And the winner is...Maurice Mitchell!  He gets 100 bonus.

Not really any change in the standings this week, but thanks to Rusty forgetting to play, I've solidified my hold on third place and now second is back within reach!

Box Office Blitz


18 Total
1 Tony Laplume 200 7400
2 Andrew Leon 200 5850
3 PT Dilloway 800 5550
4 Rusty Carl 0 4550
5 Maurice Mitchell 300 3400
6 Michael Offutt 200 3300
7 Briane Pagel 200 3100
8 Stephen Hayes 200 1400
9 Cindy Borgne 200 1300
10 David P King 0 200
11 Donna Hole 0 200

2300 36250

As for next week, I'm pretty sure you can pencil in Fake Star Trek 2 as the winner next week.  And Iron Man as #2 or #3.  Will Gatsby fall out of the top 3?  Hurm.  I sense dollar values will be crucial next week.


  1. That does suck about the refunding. I don't know how anyone could have read it so quickly, so I'd bet on copying and, then, refunding. The delay between purchases was probably actually the reading time.

  2. I had that happen to me with the refunds. Someone bought Vallar 1 and 2..then refunded both. I thought either they hated it or I just got ripped off. What is to stop someone from transfering the copy from Kindle to the PC, and then returning it?

  3. It's hard to imagine anyone buying your books only to refund them. I don't think much money is involved and this seems like a hassle, as well as an insult to an author.

  4. I need to read the rules. Or not. Seems like I'm doing all right while having no idea what the rules of the game are OR what movies are playing.

    I thought Sweetie and the older kids went to see "Gatsby" for Mother's Day. When they got home, I said "How was the movie?"

    She said: "It was okay. Matthew McConnaughey was pretty good."

    I said: "What?"

    They went to see "Mud," it turns out. She claims she told me that beforehand and I never listen to her. Or something like that. I was playing "Plants vs. Zombies."

  5. Dammit! I can't believe I forgot. I had a really good feeling about last week too. The rest of you got lucky I forgot.

  6. Well at least I'm at number 5...Who knew Peeples would be such a dog.



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