Saturday, May 11, 2013


(The title does not reference changes to the blog.)

I was playing around with my copy of PowerPoint for Office 2013.  For whatever reason I can't import images from my external hard drive into the stupid program or they show up as microscopic and won't resize without pixelating.  To load them I have to put them on Facebook and then import them.  Yeesh.  Microsoft's support was less than helpful.  (They remotely took over my computer, poked around a bit, and then the connection died.  Hooray!)

Anyway, to test loading stuff from Facebook, I made some infographics to show exactly how the main characters of the Tales of the Scarlet Knight and Chances Are series change from the beginning to the end.  So here you go:

Here are a couple of questions you might be asking yourself:
  1. Does Emma really have those nasty zits at age 19?
  2. Why does the children count go from 1 to 0 for Steve/Stacey?
Those would be good questions.  And answers would be:
  1. No.  I just used the picture from Emma at 14.  I don't have the Sims 2 installed on my new computer to make a new one, so I figure that's close enough.
  2. Technically Steve has a daughter but she would not be Stacey's daughter because Stacey did not give birth to her.  (Which would be hard since Steve's daughter is older than Stacey.)  Does that make it clear as mud?
My latest writing project this last week has been retyping an old novel from 1995.  There are a lot of grammatical problems--comma splices, misformatted dialog, etc.--really too many to simply correct without a complete teardown and rebuild.  I want to keep the story the same, so I've actually had the old version on one half of the screen as I type.  Of course I can't resist a little actual rewriting here and there to rid it of the head-hopping and punch up some of the dialog and such.  If all goes well I'll probably do it for the two sequels as well.  There's at least another novella that needs this treatment too as it suffers from comma splices too numerous to repair.

And in case you were wondering, in reference to last Saturday's post, my NHL 2009 rosters have finally been updated to 2013 rosters, though I imagine there are a great many inconsistencies, such as black players who show up as white because the HockeyDB site doesn't include pictures...D'OH!  So far my team of scrubs no longer in the NHL (the Flint HasBeens) is 14-1.  The 1 came against Washington when for some reason all my players forgot where the net was located.  I'm sure you found that update scintillating.


  1. You are amazingly prolific as a writer of novels. It's possible that you've simply suffered burnout recently.

  2. Your ability to create these electronic images is beyond my comprehension.



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