Monday, December 24, 2012

Phony Photos: A Look Ahead

For this final Phony Photos of the year, if not forever, here's a look into the future of the Scarlet Knight series.  

As I think I've noted before, there are 7 other books in the series.  You can look on the timeline in the Special Features to see when they take place.  On the Character Bios of the Special Features you can see the primary cast for the first book.  But as the series goes on there are many more characters introduced.  

If you read volume 0 then you already know Isis and Merlin, who appear in Volume 3 as well.  And I did an A to Z entry on Marie Marsh.  She and the Watchmaker both appear at the end of Volume 1.  Some of them appear earlier than I have them listed here but I didn't want to list too many for each one, so they got bumped a little.  And of course there are still other characters, some of whom are pretty important.

I'm not going to say anything about the characters because that would ruin a few surprises.  Just use your imagination to figure out how everyone is involved.

Vol 2:  Time Enough to Say Goodbye

The Watchmaker Marie Marsh Steve Scherr
Vol 3:  The Hazards of Love

Merlin Isis Pepe
Vol 4:  Change of Heart
Koschei Bykov Katarina
Vol 5:  Betrayal Begets Blood
Akako Tim Cooper Megan Putnam
Vol 6:  Future Shock
Louise Earl Renee Chiostro Cecelia Rameau
Vol 7:  Living Sacrifice
Amanda Murdoch Katya
Vol 8:  The Heart of Emma Earl
Dr. Emma Reed Joanna Reed Renee Kim

Here's a fun guessing game for you:  8 of these new characters on this graphic die, though one is brought back to life.  Which ones do you think die?  And which ones live?

Tomorrow is an XMas-themed Two-Fer Tuesday!


  1. If your gift is possibly suggesting that there will never be another one of these, thanks! Merry Christmas!

    1. The lump of coal in your stocking then is this will not be the last, though they will be less frequent in 2013.

  2. It must be interesting to live with all of these characters in your head. Tell all of them that I wish them a Merry Christmas, even the ones who you kill off.

  3. So cool that you can create your caste of characters and see them so clearly. Your imagination is all kinds of awesome Patrick.

    Have a wonderful Christmas Patrick.


  4. Pepe the rat...not to be confused by Pepe Le Pew LOL. But you wouldn't be so obvious as to give the rat a stripe on its back, right??? NAAHHHH

    1. It's just a picture of Rattrap from Beast Wars Transformers. You can't make vermin in the Sims 2.

  5. That little girl is so cute Pat. I can tell you have fun with these.



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