Monday, December 3, 2012

Phony Photos: Star Fleet Command

Finally, back to normal blogging!  Before today's Phony Photos, here's an announcement from Tony Laplume for a new market for your flash fiction.  And don't forget the book of flash fiction I coauthored with Neil Vogler and Sean Craven is available for purchase, see the graphic on the right.  If you didn't bother to read all those flash fiction stories on this blog last month, you should now be able to find them on Smashwords for FREE.


For today's Phony Photos, here's a little preview of characters from The Final Battle by Eric Filler.  You might remember (or not) I reviewed the previous two in the series.

Anyway, here's the captain of the main ship, the Avenger, Captain (later Admiral) Lisa Shaw:

I think she's hotter than Captain Janeway, but maybe that's just me.  You might recognize the uniform from one of the earliest Phony Photos I did of a lady named Val.  Only in that case the uniform was green.  This is blue, but it's the same airline pilot style.  It's really the best I could find to something naval-ly.

And here's Lisa's first officer through the latter two books, Commander (later Captain) Jack Laurants:
Yeah, he's quite the young stud there.  Young Canadian stud.  Oh Canada!  Hurm, do you imagine him and Lisa are hooking up?  (Spoiler:  Yes.)  You can barely notice them, but for some reason I gave him long sideburns.  Just one of those random things I do sometimes.

Tomorrow is a Two-Fer Tuesday with an Indiana Jones reference...


  1. I liked Captain Janeway. I think she was hotter than your cartoon character here from that guy's book.

    I'll tweet about "We Are Now" shortly. No one that follows me outside of you and Cindy and Pagel actually buys independently published books, but at least you'll be getting some love.

    1. I'd put a lot more stock in your opinion of the guy's hotness than the girl's. And I hope by "independently published" you don't mean self-published because it's not.

    2. That's not what I meant. Basically I'm making fun of my lack of influence in the world.

  2. Always fun to see a character mockup.

  3. Whoa - Captain Jack reminds me of Jason Priestly. The resemblance is uncanny. Great job!

  4. Thanks for referencing the anthology! I noticed The Final Battle referenced in all those tweets you've been doing. (I should probably start retweeting you as faithfully as you've been retweeting me.)

  5. Congrats on the new release there. Always fun to do artsy things.

  6. Nice job Pat. Definitely hotter than Janeway. I've never read any of the books, but they sound interesting.



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