Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Two-Fer Tuesday #35: XMas Memories

From left to right:  Emma as the Scarlet Knight, Val, Stacey Chance, Kari
It's Tuesday, which means another Two Fer Tuesday.  If you're not acquainted with the rules, I use a random number generator to pick a page and paragraph to pluck two sentences from.  Let's see what we get this week.

Page Number: 111
graph Number: 1
In the spirit of giving, I'm giving you a whole paragraph today!  Santa's got nothing on me.

When she was two, she had first seen Mickey’s Christmas Carol on television.  After that she had read the original Dickens book.  What they had in common was in both the Ghost of Christmas Past took Scrooge back into his past, where the old version of himself watched the young version of himself.

If you want more, you can now buy the whole book for just $2.99! 

Tomorrow, for Boxing Day, we have another Practical Superheroism...

1 comment:

  1. Hey PT,

    Thank you for sharing the gift of an entire paragraph. I'm wishing you well in your ongoing writing endeavours and being such a nice guy, I've been promoting you on Twitter and even 'Farcebook'.

    Peaceful Boxing Day Eve aka Christmas Day wishes to you. And here it's already Boxing Day. Time zones, eh!




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