Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thursday Review: The Final Battle (Rebirth 3) by Eric Filler

Yes, I'm back to doing this now for the rest of the year.  Quit yer whining.  Besides I already reviewed the first two books of this trilogy, so I might as well finish it out, right?  So let's do this.

The thing about a good trilogy is that there's some unfinished business left at the end of the second one that we need to complete in the third one.  The original Star Wars or Lord of the Rings are good examples of this.  Other "trilogies" are more in name only than anything.  It's more like we just got the cast back together to make a little more money, like say Spider-Man, X-Men, Alien/Aliens, The Godfather, etc.

This is unfortunately more in that latter category.  The series kind of shot its wad in the second book with all the epic destruction and mayhem of the final battle, so there's not a ton left to do in what is called The Final Battle.  But it is the final adventure for the heroic Lisa Shaw and the crew of the Avenger.

This takes place five years after the previous book.  There's an uneasy peace between humans and the alien S'Parnians.  That peace is threatened by a skirmish between a couple of ships at the border.  But there's more than meets the eye about that.  Now-Admiral Shaw gets the band back together and heads out to the border to intervene.

Except soon enough there's an invasion of another alien race, an ancient enemy of the dead aliens who built the Avenger.  When Lisa is incapacitated by these new aliens, it's up to her first officer Captain Jack Laurants to rally everyone to save the day.

While this isn't as good as the second book in some ways, it's not really a waste of time either.  We find out more about the ancient dead aliens from the planet Rygan.  And there's some more character development and the resolution of some love triangles from the previous story.  As with the others the writing isn't great but it's still some fun space opera and really puts a bow on the whole thing.  I'm just saying.

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