Saturday, December 1, 2012

Tales of the Scarlet Knight: The Timeline

In case you've been wondering when everything in the series takes place, here's a breakdown, though the dates are not exact.  Really when I wrote most of the series in 2009-2010 I backdated it so the entire series would end at what was almost present day back then.  I did have to write all this out at some point to keep track of how old characters were supposed to be for each story.  I wish I could find those notes since I had it all worked out with how much time passed during the stories so it would be more exact.  But for now I'll just wing it.

Volume 0:  Dark Origins:  Circa 2000 BC or BCE or however they say it nowadays
Volume 1:  A Hero's Journey:  August 2000
Volume 2:  Time Enough to Say Goodbye:  +18 months May 2002
Volume 3:  The Hazards of Love:  +42 months September 2005
Volume 4:  Change of Heart:  +9 months June 2006
Volume 5:  Imperfect Love: +12 months June 2007
Volume 6:  Future Shock: +6 months December 2007 (though much of the story is +20 years and other parts are -54 years)
Volume 7:  Living Sacrifice: +24 months January 2010
Volume 8:  The Heart of Emma Earl: +0 January 2010

A couple of important dates for the series:
October 31, 1980:  Emma Earl's birthday
October 31, 1979:  Becky Beech's birthday 


  1. Wow, that's a lot of books! I love how your list is zero-based.

  2. Hah! Emma Earl is younger than me (by almost two months)!

  3. You are one prolific writer. Inspiring!!!!

  4. Wow, I wish I was as structured to have actual dates!



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