Sunday, June 9, 2013

Box Office Blitz Week 22 Results

Looks like "The Internship" was an epic fail.  First Will Smith's movie to pimp out his son bombed and now the movie to pimp out Google failed.  I guess we like more subtle product placement.  Or something.  Meanwhile, "The Purge" has already made probably 9x its production budget and that's on one weekend without foreign sales factored in.  I'm sure we can expect "The Purge 2" next year.

The box office results were:
  1. The Purge $36.4M
  2. F&F6 $19.8M
  3. Now You See It $19.5M
My awesome picks were:
  1. The Purge $25M
  2. Fast & Furious 6 $18M
  3. The Internship $15M  
That's only 200 but it's enough to win this week, so I get the 500 bonus.

Offutt picked:
1) The Internship at $21 million
2) Furious 6 at $20 million
3) The Purge at $15 million

That's 100 for F&F and 50 for the Purge

Andrew Leon picked:
1. The Internship -- $22m
2. The Purge -- $20m
3. F&F6 -- $15m

That's 50 for The Purge and 50 for F&F for 100 total.

Maurice Mitchell picked:
1. The Internship - $25m
2. The Purge - $20m
3. Fast & Furious 6 - $15m

Also 100 total.

Stephen Hayes picked:
Fast and Furious..$21 mil
The Internship...$17 mil
The Hangover III... $12 mil

That's 50 for him for F&F

And Briane Pagel picked:
1. The purge $20 mil
2. Fast & Furious $10 mil.
3. The Internship $9 mil.

That's 100 for the Purge and 100 for F&F for 200 total.  But I outbid him on the Purge, which is why I win.

The bonus was whether After Earth would make more or less than $10M.  It dropped all the way to 7th, but still raked in $11.2M.  Which means the answer was MORE.  Andrew Leon was the only one to pick that, so he wins the 300 points.

That bonus win is enough to propel Andrew into first place.  I guess the promise of fabulous prizes isn't enough to keep some people interested.  Y'all must be rich.  Here's the updated leaderboard:

Box Office Blitz


22 Total
1 Andrew Leon 400 7950
2 Tony Laplume 0 7700
3 PT Dilloway 700 6850
4 Michael Offutt 150 5150
5 Rusty Carl 0 4850
6 Maurice Mitchell 100 4000
7 Briane Pagel 200 3800
8 Stephen Hayes 50 2050
9 Cindy Borgne 0 1500
10 David P King 0 200
11 Donna Hole 0 200

1600 44250
After this week's dismal box office, things are likely to rebound next week as the second big superhero movie takes the screen.  That would be this guy:
Oh and there's a stupid Seth Rogen movie I'd only see if there were the promise of Seth Rogen being horribly mutilated.


  1. I can't stand the guy in The Internship, don't know his name. Vince Vaugh? Whoever, he's not funny, not handsome, and seems like a total dick.

  2. I've become hyper-critical about some of these formula movies. The Internship appeared to be just that with two guys trying to act way younger than their years. Time for them to move on, I think.

  3. I just want to gain ground on Michael. He doesnt need to beat me in this. He's got it all already: book contract, a zillion followers on his blog, leftover pizza in his frodge probably...

  4. Jeez what is up with my kindle keyboard publishing comments before I'm done. That last comment should say that "I meant to say fridge in that last comment."

    But Michael probably DOES have a frodge.

  5. WooHoo! Even though I lose, I win! What a weird box office week, but I guess that's how it goes when all the options are crap.

  6. I'm so confident in my ability to win, I chose not to even participate this week in order to make more of a challenge for myself. In other news, what the hell is The Purge?

  7. I wasn't particularly interested in seeing another Superman movie but I must admit the trailer for the new movie does look compelling.

  8. Who knew After Earth would make money?



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