Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Two-Cent Tuesday: Last Chance!

Chances Are (puns!) you haven't read the first book of the Chances Are series, or definitely the second.  But today I'm talking about the third one.  Cuz I can.  It is appropriately called Last Chance.

It starts 4 years after the second one, so that all three cover 5 years total.  (This would actually be taking place in 2015 if you want to do the math.)  Stacey has been living as a woman now for 5 years and is in a good place with it.  Now more than anything what she wants is for her boyfriend, Dr. Macintosh (aka Mac) to propose to her.  But like a lot of dudes--including Stacey back when she was Steve--Mac has trouble with commitment.

He does eventually grow a spine and propose to her and she says yes.  Yet on the day of her wedding, a notorious neoNazi serial killer Steve Fischer put away has broke out of jail.

Unbeknownst to Stacey, the killer knows who she really is and what happened to her.  Stacey's honeymoon is cut short when the killer raids the pharmaceutical company that makes the drug that made Stacey into a woman and puts Stacey's friend Dr. Palmer in a coma.  Worse yet, the drug itself has vanished!

Soon Stacey finds out the killer has been using the drug himself to change his body so he can stay ahead of the cops.  He strangles Stacey to death...so that's the end, right?

Steve's back!
No!  Instead Stacey wakes up to find that she's become Steve again, a big old tough guy.  And now there's no way for Steve to hide what happened to him from his daughter Madison, who was Stacey's best friend as well.  Needless to say she's none too pleased with him.  But they work together to find the killer before he can strike again.
While the second story in the series was more drama, this one balances more of the drama with action as Stacey/Steve deals with the killer from Steve's past.  And really Stacey/Steve runs the gamut in this story from a young woman to a little girl to an old lady to a dude...it's hard to keep track of it all.  But that's what you expect in the last part of a trilogy, right?

Stacey or Renee?  Why not both!
Go here to find it in all ebook formats from Amazon, B&N, or Smashwords!  And don't forget to buy the other two while you're at it!  The first one (Chance of a Lifetime) is FREE on Smashwords and now on Amazon too.

A Fun Fact is that Stacey's punk schoolgirl look is inspired by the character of Renee Kim, who appears in volumes 5 & 8 of the Scarlet Knight series as sort of an alternate universe Emma Earl.  Because I don't just throw characters away; I recycle them!  (I'm very green that way.) 


  1. I went and downloaded the free book, because: free. I'm still working on other books, which is what you're supposed to say whenever someone asks you to buy their book and you don't immediately go buy their book -- although in my case I really don't like to go buy books when I've got other books to read, I just wishlist them, but being cheap I never miss a chance for a free book.

    These really do sound like an amazing series of books and a unique premise. Having seen how good you are with the inner workings of your characters -- I always liked what's-his-name in "Virgin Territory," who I thought was one of the more believable characters in any book I read -- I'm curious to see what kind of insight you have into this dude-turned-girl-turned-old-lady-turned dude. What does he do once he's a guy again and he's engaged to that other guy? That's got to be a rough talk to have with a fiance.

  2. I'll have to make time to get to these books. Briane's right though, the noise online is so huge especially among bloggers that people are always thrusting their books in your face. That's one reason I've decided I may never do another blog tour again. I'm just not going to compete with all that noise. And I think my footprint has grown large enough now. I sure am getting a lot of pageviews these days.

  3. What a great twist to the series Pat.

  4. I've never published anything but I'm trying to educate myself about this process. Do free e-books ever develop into sales? I know someone who just gave away 600 free e-books but she's only sold five copies of her book. This seems counter productive.

    1. It's supposedly worked for some people. I thought I'd try it but it hasn't really done a lot to sell the second and third books yet.

  5. That is one wild series. I wouldn't have thought of the first one, a tough cop becoming a woman, and never would have thought of making it a trilogy. But you're really keeping it fresh. Hope the sales pick up to where they deserve to be for your hard work



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