Saturday, June 22, 2013

Flash! Fiction Fest Round 2

I always think of this song when I talk about Flash Fiction:
Anyway, last year Neil Vogler, Sean Craven, and I wrote a bunch of flash fiction stories that were
published online in November and then packaged in the collection "We Are Now" which you can buy for 99 cents on Amazon I think.

Our publisher December House, is announcing that round 2 will take place in November 2013.  Lucky for you (and me) there will be more authors participating this year.  It means more variety for you and for me it means I can do a lot fewer stories.  The theme this year is the "7 Deadly Sins"--you know, all those things that were featured in that movie "Seven."  And this year I guess there are going to be ways for people to get more involved in the fest.

Here's the official press release that may clear things up or just make them murkier:
20 June 2013

December House announces Flash Fiction Fest 2013 Competition

Innovative digital first publisher, December House, in conjunction with National Flash Fiction Day, has announced the launch of it's Flash Fiction Fest 2013 competition.

Now in its second year, Flash Fiction Fest is a month long celebration of Flash Fiction and the short form of story telling.  Every day in November will see December House publishing new pieces of Flash Fiction at, and this year they're giving you the chance to have your work included and published in e-book form.

The theme of this year's Fest will be "The 7 Deadly Sins" and December House are asking writers to submit three pieces on that theme through the website. Each writer's entry will be read by December House's team and the writer judged to have the best three pieces will have them included in the November event. The pieces will also be included in the e-book of the event and the author will have the chance to work with December House's editor on a novel for possible publication.

For more details visit 

Speaking about the launch of Flash Fiction Fest 2013 Henrietta Smethurst-McIntyre, Managing Editor of December House said:

"We're very excited to be involving the writing community in Flash Fiction Fest 2013. The short form is where so many writers hone their craft and develop their skills, which is why we think it's so important to celebrate it. This year we have a great theme, with lots of scope and the chance for many different interpretations. I can't wait to see what people come up with."


For further details contact or 08432 898 649

1) About December House
At December House we're a different kind of publisher. We don't publish print books, we only publish to e-book distribution platforms (Kindle, Kobo, iBooks, Nook, Smashwords, Tomely and Google Play), but we're not self publishing and we're definitely not a vanity press. We only publish great writing from great authors.

If we think a writer's work has promise then we'll work with them to deliver on that promise, just like a traditional publisher. Then we take over everything, from writing a blurb to designing a cover and deciding on a price, through to marketing the book pre and post publication. We believe it's our job to sell a book, and a writer's job to write it.
For more details see

2) About National Flash Fiction Day
National Flash-Fiction Day was the brainchild of Calum Kerr a confirmed writer of flash-fiction and advocate for the form. Finding himself in the middle of a project to write a new flash-fiction every day for a year, at the same time as National Poetry Day was happening, he went looking for a National Flash-fiction Day to get involved with. But... there wasn't one. 

Without further ado, he decided that it was up to him to create it and National Flash Fiction Day was born. This year's day, which takes place on the 22nd of June,  will see events held in Bristol, Cardiff, Dublin, Edinburgh, Hartlepool and Shrewsbury, as well as online activities and the publication of Scraps, an anthology of Flash Fiction.

For more details see


  1. How does one get to be a "confirmed" writer of flash-fiction?

    Is there a certification process? A series of challenges? A DUEL? From now on I will only read flash fiction that has been certified as written by a confirmed flash fiction writer. I'm through with imitation brand flash fictions.

    Also, I kind of hate the term "flash fiction." I just went and read about "flash fiction" on Wikipedia, and I prefer the "smoke long" tag for such stories -- even though I am adamantly against smoking and people should not.

    I just think "flash fiction" has a feel to it that I prefer not be associated with my writing. The interpretation I get is that it is something that was dashed off and not contemplated or worked on, i.e., of lower quality. If you tell me you're writing a short story, I will be interested in reading it. If you tell me you're writing flash fiction, I'll only read it if I know the author (e.g., you), and even then I'll do it grudgingly.

    You and Tony and Nigel do good short story work, by the way.

  2. I intend to look into this. Thanks for sharing the info.



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