Sunday, June 30, 2013

Box Office Blitz Week 25 Results

I suppose the public's love affair with Channing Tatum is over as White House Down was a huge flop.  I suppose there will be some discussion whether it was hurt by "Olympus Has Fallen" premiering in March or what went wrong.  Meanwhile, the public's love affair with Melissa McCarthy continues.  Yes, Melissa McCarthy is hotter than Channing the box office.

Anyway, here were the top 3 this weekend:

  1. Monsters U $46.2M
  2. The Heat $40M
  3. World War Z $29.8M

My sad picks were:
  1. Monster University $40M
  2. White House Down $35M 
  3. The Heat $30M 
That's 100 for MU and 50 for the Heat or 150 total.

Michael Offutt picked:
Monsters University = $41 million
White House Down = $39 million
The Heat = $36 million

That's also 150 points.

Andrew Leon guessed:
1. Monsters University -- $42m
2. The Heat -- $36m
3. White House Down -- $32m

That's 100 for Mu and 100 for the Heat for 200 total.

Maurice Mitchell guessed:
White House Down $50M
Monster University $40M
The Heat $30M

That is 50 for MU and 50 for the Heat for 100 total.

Rusty Webb guessed:
Monsters U - $45 mil
The Heat - $40 mil
White House Down - $35 mil

That's 100 for MU and 100 for the Heat.  Also Rusty is the closest to the total of MU so he wins the round with 500 bonus points.

Stephen Hayes guessed:
Monsters U....$48 mil
White House Down...$36 mil
World War Z.....$30 mil.

That's 100 for MU and 100 for WWZ for 200 total.

And Briane Pagel picked:
White House Down
Monsters University

That's 50 points for MU.

As for the bonus question, no one got it right.  White House Down failed to make more than "Olympus Has Fallen."

The updated standings:

Box Office Blitz


25 Total
1 Andrew Leon 200 9750
2 Tony Laplume 0 7700
3 PT Dilloway 150 7400
4 Michael Offutt 150 6397
5 Rusty Carl 700 5900
6 Maurice Mitchell 100 4600
7 Briane Pagel 50 4350
8 Stephen Hayes 200 2700
9 Cindy Borgne 0 1500
10 David P King 0 200
11 Donna Hole 0 200

1550 50697


  1. This is why I don't gamble in Reno or Vegas. I'm just not good at it.

  2. That's amazing.
    But I can't say I'm not okay with it.
    Everything I've heard about WHD is that it's one of the stupidest movies ever.

  3. Did NOT see that coming. Stupid public and their stupid movies they stupid like. STUPID.

    Michael: don't give up hope. I'm planning on winning the whole shebang. Did you ever wonder where "shebang" comes from? Maybe I'll add that to grammar funnies one of these days.

  4. @Briane: It's good to have plans.

  5. WWZ is about to be the highest grossing zombie movie ever. One more weekend should do it. :)

  6. Well the buzz on WHD is good, but it may still pick up in the next week.



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