Saturday, June 15, 2013

Going Medieval

About 2 weeks ago I bought the Sims Medieval just because of any of the Sims games it seemed like the only one I might actually play.  It's basically like a really simplified, G-rated World of Warcraft type game.  You do a bunch of lame quests, some of which are just ridiculous like creating a new holiday for the kingdom or finding and then returning a genie.  I wouldn't really recommend the game as it's kind of annoying when you have to stop your quest because your person has to sleep or eat or it wants you to do something you have no idea what to do because it's never told you anything about it.  Or in this one case you have to make a special hammer out of this special mineral you can only find in a couple of select spots, but does it tell you where those are?  Nope.  And if you don't find it in time you get fed to the pit beast and die.  D'OH!

Anyway, just for the hell of it, here are some characters I made:

Syliva Joubert the witch (Scarlet Knight stories)

Emma Earl, the Scarlet Knight

Dr. Laura Pavelski (SK stories)
Assassin Cecelia Rameau (SK stories)

Louise Earl, Emma's daughter

Percival Graves, original Scarlet Knight

Bard Fflewddur Fflam (The Book of Three etc by Lloyd Alexander)

Reverend Francis Crane (Forever Young)

King Rogue Mutt (he looks kind of like Aragorn doesn't he?)

Shopkeeper Quark (Deep Space Nine)
Blacksmith Hephaestus (SK Stories)
Witch Agnes Joubert-Chiostro (SK stories)
Queen Whiskers (She's a cat so she has pointy ears!)

Louise Earl with snappy yellow boots!

Friar Tuck (I couldn't think of another literary monk)
Spy Brigitte Chiostro (Agnes's daughter in SK stories)

Detective Steve Fischer (Chance of a Lifetime)

Percival kissing some other dude

Fflewddur Fflam consummating his marriage

So there you go.  Scintillating stuff.


  1. An impressive portfolio of work. Between your job, your writing and your artwork I can only wonder when you find time to sleep. Have a great weekend.

  2. I thought you hated Saturday posts.

    Anyway, from what I remember of "Sims," you just have to live a regular old life, with no amazing adventures or anything. Now, in "Sims Medieval," mimicking regular life would, I imagine, mean mostly cooking dirt soup and then dying of bubonic plague at 12, after you've had 14 kids.

    I guess that's why they threw in dumb quests, although that seems to indicate to people that life in those days was all quests.

    Anyway, what they ought to do is take a page from your book (literally!) and have "Sims Superhero." They could have you live in the world of Scarlet Knight and these other characters, and create your own superhero and identity, and have to hide it and hold down a job and meanwhile also superhero, too. Why hasn't someone done THAT?

  3. Cool, they look like real people.


  4. Those Beer for a Shower guys got nothin' on you. This stuff is cool.



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