Sunday, June 16, 2013

Box Office Blitz Week 23 Results

Man of Steel was the man this weekend.  As if you weren't figuring that already.  The final tally is:
  1. Man of Steel $113 ($6 of that was me!)
  2. This is the End $20M
  3. Now You See It $10M
More powerful than "The Purge" but not Iron Man
"The Purge" disappeared from the top 3 as quick as it appeared.  "Now You See It" really seems to have legs as they say.  Other than "The Purge"'s success last week NYSI has to be the biggest surprise so far this summer.

So much of a surprise that no one except Andrew Leon picked it, which is why he wins this week with a trifecta and the bonus 500 points to solidify his lead.

My picks were:
  1. Man of Steel $100M
  2. This is the End $28M 
  3. The Purge $20M 
That's 200 points for the first two.

Stephen Hayes guessed:
Superman.....$40 mil (less than Batman)
Star Trek...$19 mil
This Is the End...$17 mil

That's 100 for Superman and 50 for TITE.

Briane Pagel guessed:
1. Man of Steel: $110 mil.
2. This is The End  $40 mil.
3. The Purge $10 mil.

200 for him as well, plus 100 bonus for Tweeting my video.

Maurice Mitchell guessed:
1. Man of Steel - $130m
2.This is the End - $30m
3. The Purge - $15m

Also 200 points.

Rusty Webb guessed:
Man of Steel - $125 mil
The Purge - $20 mil
This is the end $17 mil

That's 100 for Superman and 50 for TITE.

And Michael Offutt guessed:
1) Man of Steel -- $115 million
2) This is the End -- $25 million
3) The Purge --$12 million

200 for him as well, plus 100 bonus for Tweeting my video.

(If you Tweeted the link and I didn't see it, let me know.)

The bonus question was whether Man of Steel would make more than twice Batman Begins's $49M opening take, which would be $98M.  Obviously the answer is yes.  And the 375 points goes to Michael Offutt.

Not really any change on the leaderboard.  It is a dogfight between Maurice Mitchell and Briane Pagel for 6th right now.

Box Office Blitz


23 Total
1 Andrew Leon 800 8750
2 Tony Laplume 0 7700
3 PT Dilloway 200 7050
4 Michael Offutt 675 5825
5 Rusty Carl 150 5000
6 Maurice Mitchell 200 4200
7 Briane Pagel 300 4100
8 Stephen Hayes 150 2200
9 Cindy Borgne 0 1500
10 David P King 0 200
11 Donna Hole 0 200

2475 46725

Tomorrow is my "Man of Steel" review!


  1. One day, I'll get on the tweeter thing. Then I will twit things, too.

    I have such mixed feelings about MoS. :/

  2. I really liked Man of Steel. There's a lot of thoughts I have on it, which I hopefully will get on this week. LOTS of thoughts. But it was very good.

    I'm trying to think of a joke to play on "The Purge" dropping out of the top 3 so quickly. "Last week, the US binged on Ethan Hawke's scifi thriller, but this week audiences couldn't ..." something like that, but tighter. I'll get it. Give me a couple of months. It'll still be timely then, right?

    I heard from The Boy that This Is The End was funny, and I watched some previews. It does look funny -- but probably Netflix funny. Right now, my movie plans include Gravity, and Pacific Rim, and DEFINITELY NOT seeing "White House Down." Or "RIPD," which looks completely lame.

    How'd I get so far behind Offutt? All right, Maurice: Watch your back. Me and my roughly-62%-accurate predictions are in this for the long haul.

  3. Bring it Briane! Great job Andrew! Who knew The Purge was such a fluke?



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