Saturday, September 27, 2014

Grumpy Bulldog Does America Day 23: Big Nothing

Yup, still in Portland.  But hey, I've graduated to solid food again!  (At least for now.)  It started yesterday with some Swiss rolls and rotini with cheese I ate for dinner.  Then today I went to a really crappy Chinese buffet and ate some various chicken dishes and really crummy lo mein.  I don't get Chinese buffets in the Pacific Northwest.  We're like less than 100 miles from the ocean and yet there's never any seafood offered, at least for lunch.  You get better selection in Michigan and freaking South Dakota.  Anyway, then for dinner I had Chicken McNuggets.  So there.

I guess now I'll have to get back to actually doing stuff.  I'm sure there's some stuff to do in Portland.

The big excitement today was I saw a lady come downstairs with her laundry--accompanied by two bulldogs!  It's so rare to see actually bulldogs in the flesh that I assumed at first they must be pit bulls or something, but then I saw they were the real deal.  I wish I could have run out and gotten a picture.  Unfortunately the lady didn't come back, so I'll probably never see them again.  Damn it.

Other than that I finished a story.  I've spent a lot of time while recovering reading one of the Raymond Chandler omnibuses I brought.  I really should finish it before I leave so I can ditch the book somewhere and thus jettison a little more weight.  The motel I stayed at previously had a book exchange; more motels should do that.

I've got the next four stops of the trip scheduled.  It wasn't much of a surprise when I used Hotwire to find a motel in Reno it came up with a casino.  I don't really have much use for casinos as I don't like gambling or drinking, but maybe I can develop a gambling problem while I'm there.

Here are a couple of crummy pictures that don't feature any bulldogs:


  1. At least you're getting some reading done and eating solid food is a plus. Now that I think of it....It might be possible that I have never seen a bulldog in person. Not that I can remember.

  2. You showed... us? them? Chinese buffets? Someone, when you ate those chicken nuggets.

    I'm not sure there are hotels that DON'T have casinos in Nevada. Anyway, hotels are cheaper when there's a casino attached, because the hotel wants you to stay in their hotel rather than somewhere else because then you might gamble your money there, as opposed to somewhere else.

    It's kind of sad to think that someone would travel across the country to stay in a city like Reno or Las Vegas and then not really leave their own hotel. But I say that as someone who doesn't gamble.

  3. I think there's usually seafood at the Chinese buffets around here, but I haven't actually been to one in years, so I could be wrong.



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