Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Grumpy Bulldog Does Seattle Day 3: Oversleeping In Seattle

There was no Day 2 entry because I really didn't do anything Sunday.  I didn't wake up until almost 11am.  Then after watching some of the early football games I went to get a pizza.  I stopped at a gas station too for some gas and a paper.  I don't know what it is about Washington where there's never anyone at the counter when I go to a restaurant or gas station.  Even at like 1:30 in the afternoon.  Maybe they all have ADHD or something.

The paper turned out to be a waste of time.  Cost me $2 and the want ads were like 2 pages.  There was maybe a half-dozen accounting jobs listed.  You get better searching online and it's free.  But I did find out that thanks to Amazon moving downtown bus service in Seattle is fucked.  Not that I'd want to take a bus anyway.

Today I didn't wake up until 10:30.  After breakfast and a shower it was like 12:30 when I left.  I went to the Alki Beach area because the guidebook said you could get a good view of the city skyline from there.  Which you can.

I parked in a boat launch area and then ended up walking probably a good mile or two to the end of the beach.  I got lunch at Subway, where again, no one at the register.  Then I took it outside to eat by the beach.  Walking back kind of sucked because my feet were hurting and it was hot and going back is always harder than going to somewhere.

But I made it and then stopped at a Safeway for a small roasting pan to soak my sore feet in.  Tomorrow I'll probably go into the city; I should really set the alarm so I don't wake up at noon or something.  But hell when you have to get up early every day for almost 2 weeks to check out of a motel I guess you need to catch up on sleep.

Here are the pictures, it was hot and hazy today so they're not as good as they could have been:

It's funny if you pronounce it Boner Dr


  1. Nice pics. It looks a good deal warmer there than it is in Michigan. By the time you come back, it's going to be really cold here.

  2. I noticed nobody was in the water. Is the water cold? When we visited San Francisco 10 years ago we didn't swim much because the current was so cold there.

    So you're staying in Seattle? That was the plan? I pictured you roaming America endlessly, dispensing folk wisdom or justice, as the situation required.

  3. Kind of what Briane said:
    Are you looking for a job in Seattle or just looking for jobs as you pass through places?



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