Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Grumpy Bulldog Does America Day 8: Big Country

It was one week ago when I first set out from Michigan.  Since then I've put about 1700 miles on the car.  Now I'm in Billings, Montana.  The temperature in South Dakota yesterday was in the high 80s.  Today in Montana the highs were in the low 50s.

It was cloudy all the way from Rapid City and raining through most of it.  If I'd stuck to I-90 I'd have been through a lot more Wyoming than Montana, but the GPS took me on a couple of smaller highways so I only skirted Wyoming and went through the Custer National Forest and two Indian reservations.  The worst part was there were only a couple of tiny villages, so if you need gas or food or to piss it's a long wait.  I didn't stop until about 2 in Hardin, MT.  I got to Billings about 3:30 and I haven't left the room since; I just got a P'Zone and 2-liter delivered by the World's Oldest Pizza Delivery Guy.  Seriously he was like in his 70s; I felt so bad for him I gave him a big tip.

Here are a lot of pictures of largely Montana scenery that would probably look better if it weren't so gloomy out.

I'll still be in Montana tomorrow, only on the other side in Missoula.  Then it's the final push into Washington.  I'm not sure how much of Idaho I'll go through; it'll depend on what route the GPS picks out.


  1. So Washington is the final goal? Maybe you said something in the original post about all this.

    That sky would probably look bigger if those clouds weren't filling it up.

  2. I-90 is pretty featureless until you get to about Missoula. Then it gets better. When taking the I-90 route, I usually pull over at Missoula for my rest break and eat at the Pizza Hut that's close to the exit. Just after Butte, if you turn left and get on I-15 and come south to Salt Lake City (about 7 hours) I'd show you a good time. We got a new aquarium, museum of natural history, and some new museum exhibit thing called "Animal Inside Out." We also have lots of nice restaurants and cafes and the State of Utah fair is going on until the 14th. Message me on Twitter and I'll let you have my phone number if you are interested.

  3. Pretty dreary Pat. I would have given Oldest Pizza Delivery Guy a big tip too.

  4. I don't know; the gloom gives the pictures some atmosphere (pun totally intended).

  5. I was sort of wondering if you would meet Mike as it seems you're heading that way.



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