Saturday, September 6, 2014

Grumpy Bulldog Does America Day 5: Gran Tourismo

No one is probably going to read this since it's being posted on Saturday.  Anyway, today after going to breakfast at the world's slowest Burger King, I got on the road to Mitchell, South Dakota.  It's funny that the GPS for once didn't break down the trip into any smaller units.  Nope, just 289 miles straight along I-90 from Rochester to Mitchell.

And as you'd expect there's not really a lot to say about that.  There are a lot of windmills in Minnesota though.  At least in that region.  Those things are so huge too; just one blade requires a whole semi truck to transport, as I saw several of those on the highway in Indiana.

The downtown pictures are from Luverne, MN where I got lunch.  And in the one you can see how many bugs have committed suicide on the front of my car.  It's worse for the windshield.  I've stopped twice to wipe it off and always like 10 miles later the windshield is all covered in bug guts again and the wiper fluid really does nothing for it.

Briane Pagel made me feel guilty about not doing enough touristy stuff, so when I got to Mitchell first I went to the Indian Village National Monument.  Which when you say "Indian Village" I think teepees and wigwams and stuff like that.  Really it's just an archaeological dig with bits of arrowheads and pottery and stuff.  They make you watch a 15 minute movie then you're supposed to go to the "Archaedome" to listen to a lecture about archaeology and then go back into the museum for another lecture.  After the movie (and using the can) I went outside and got some pictures of the grounds and then bailed on it.  I didn't come here to be lectured!  There are a lot of grasshoppers around there; they make a lot of noise.  That's probably an advantage to surrounding their dig site with a dome.

Then I went to the "Corn Palace" only to find the Corn Palace is being renovated and not open!  It was as disappointing as when I went to Portland Head Lighthouse and they had it all wrapped up for painting.  Still, here are pictures of all that stuff.  So there, now I did some touristy stuff.

Tomorrow it's on to Rapid City.  I might go to Wall Drug, whenever I figure out where and what the hell that is.  I keep seeing signs and I've seen bumper stickers, but I'm not sure what the fuck it's about.  Then Monday I'll go to Mount Rushmore before moving on Tuesday, into the West.

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  1. Look, see, I'm reading it, just not on Saturday.
    And I hope you are at Mount Rushmore, right now!



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