Thursday, September 4, 2014

Grumpy Bulldog Does America Day 3: Blah Blah Blah

It was a pretty miserable trip from Benton Harbor, MI to Chicagoland.  It literally rained the entire time.  Sometimes it let up a bit, but it never actually stopped until I was north of the city.  So I don't have any great pictures of the Chicago skyline or anything, though I have some older ones.  Here's what I did get:

There you go.  Adding to the misery were semis, road construction, and toll roads.  In a way I like the Thruway in New York better as you just take a ticket and pay when you leave the highway, so you don't need to keep throwing quarters into buckets.  I guess now you can just blow through and pay online later if you want, though they might charge you more.  Anyway, it was good I still had a bunch of quarters from when I did laundry before the trip began.

I stopped at Best Buy in Niles to pick up the latest Counting Crows CD.  For some reason that Best Buy was listed as the only one in Chicago with it in stock.  And hey I got $2 off so it was cheaper than downloading it from Amazon, plus I don't have to worry about burning it onto a disc.

I got lunch at this Chinese place nearby that was pretty terrible.  The "baked seafood" stuff they had out looked like a pile of barf and they'd emptied a bunch of old onto a pan of new, which doesn't seem very sanitary.  Plus the Diet Pepsi was flat.  Good thing I'm not going there again.

I was pretty much worn out by then so after a stop at a Target restroom, I checked into my motel in Gurnee, IL.  It's just about across the street from Six Flags, though I don't think that was open today.  It's probably just open on weekends now that summer is over.  Here are a couple of pictures from my car:

There you go.  Tomorrow I tackle Wisconsin.  I'll have to wave to Briane Pagel as I pass through Madison.  I should end up in Rochester, Minnesota.  From there it's pretty much a straight shot along I-90 through Minnesota and South Dakota to Rapid City.  Mount Rushmore is just a bit south of there, so early next week I should get there.  From looking at my atlas I-90 goes all the way to Seattle, so I'll probably stick close to that until I reach the coast.  Then start roaming south and east.  If I can make it that far.  Too many more days like this and I might just say fuck it.

Until next time...


  1. Looks like you got wet. Six Flags in San Antonio is only opened on the weekends till Fright Fest in October.

  2. I think the Six Flags here is open seven days a week, now.

  3. Driving I-90 is really a boring trip. I did that drive a lot (it goes through Wallace, Idaho) which is in the mountains and they mined silver there. But once you come across the Columbia (an eye-opener if you've never seen a huge river) it gets interesting.

  4. Wow. Moving right along! Just imagine, you're doing something that made Lewis and Clark famous, and without all the mercury poisoning.

  5. That Counting Crows CD sounds totally worth it Pat. Shame about the rain.

  6. I had a comment here...but it never showed up?



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