Thursday, March 26, 2015

A to Z Challenge is Here

Hooray, time for my least favorite blogging time of the year!  That and NaNoWriMo time.  I've sporadically participated in the A to Z thing.  I know some people put a lot of work into it, spending hours researching a bunch of topics.  I've never seen the point.  My entry was #1326, so how many people do you think are actually going to see it?  Maybe more than will see like the 640th entry, right in the middle of the list.  And the people who might see it are probably just clicking like mad and maybe posting a "Thanks for sharing."

Last year on my blog I used A to Z to advertise my books.  On the late Indie Writers Monthly blog I used it to advertise (mostly) other people's books.  It doesn't take a lot of effort and maybe it'll help sell a book or two.

Of course I've written a lot of books since last April 30th, so I'll be focusing (mostly) on those books for this A to Z Challenge.  The fun (not really) starts on next Wednesday.  In the meantime I'll have a couple more real blog entries on Monday and Friday.  In case you want to stop by.  Not that many do and even fewer say anything.  Uh-hum.

But you won't be seeing many of these, lucky you:


  1. They can be fun but we stopped doing those a few years ago.

  2. Yeah, I agree with you, yet I'm going to give it a try anyway.



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