Friday, March 6, 2015


Nobody really cares about blogs on Friday (or with my blog, any day ending in Y) so I thought I'd just pose a question that occurred to me recently.

Growing up in the 20th Century, when you said the year you would always say "Nineteen-something-something" like "Nineteen Seventy-Seven."  But then we got to 2000 and everyone started saying "Two Thousand" and that continued with "Two Thousand One," "Two Thousand Two," and so on.

Now we're in Two Thousand Fifteen.  Or should we start to say it "Twenty Fifteen?"  I mean if you ask me that's shorter and it sounds more futuristic.  But most people still say it the longer way.  I have to wonder if people will keep using Two Thousand right up to 2099.  I imagine when it gets to 2100 no one is going to want to say "Two Thousand One Hundred."  And certainly not "Two Thousand One Hundred Fifteen."  But by then we'll all be dead, so it probably doesn't matter that much.

Anyway, food for thought for your weekend.  Speaking of time, set your clocks forward this weekend!  Unless maybe you're the Mitchells in Arizona.  I don't know if they do the daylight savings time thing.  Here's an appropriately-titled song:


  1. That's right Pat, we don't change! Frankly, I wish we'd add DST since it makes it a pain to do the conversions all the time. I remember the same questions came up about the "noughties" and we figured it out.

  2. I was just talking about something similar with my daughter. People refer to the music of the 70's, 80's etc, but nobody refers to the tens. Maybe they will have to say music of the twenty-tens.

  3. Just the very moment I start reading your blog I get guilt-tripped that I didn't read it two days ago...

    Anyway, I liked what Stephen Colbert did: "Twenty-Oh-15," etc.

  4. Now I don't even know what I say or how people say it...
    I'm sure I'll notice next time someone says it, though.



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