Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Tales of the Scarlet Knight FREE Through Sunday!

Sorry I don't have a real post today, but I'm too busy rearranging all my shit to fit into my new apartment.  Moving is such a pain in the ass, but then so is living on the road.  The point being that life is a pain in the ass unless maybe you're like my sisters and stay in the same house your entire fucking life.

Anyway, if you thought a whole $6.93 was too much a few months ago for the Tales of the Scarlet Knight series, now you can get all 8 books for FREE through Sunday from Amazon!

If you've been living under a rock concerning this blog or just never been here before, the Tales of the Scarlet Knight series begins with A Hero's Journey, about a young geologist named Dr. Emma Earl who finds a suit of magic plate armor.  When she dons the armor, she becomes the latest incarnation of the Scarlet Knight, with super strength, invisibility, and a sword that can cut through anything.  With her powers she takes on an ancient evil known as the Black Dragoon.
In volume II, Time Enough to Say Goodbye, Emma takes on a horde of demons and a girl who manipulates time, inadvertently bringing Emma's dead parents back to life!  To put things right again can Emma let her parents die a second time?
In volume III, The Hazards of Love, the man Emma has been pining for returns to Rampart City with a new bride!  This new bride is named Isis--not like the goddess; she is the goddess!  And she's bent on regaining her power.  Only the Scarlet Knight can hope to stop her.

In volume IV, Change of Heart, Emma finds a strange meteor that inadvertently causes her to switch bodies with her chubby friend Becky.  A Russian gangster wants the meteor for himself and he's willing to do anything to get it.  Can Becky stop them?  And can Emma find a way to switch them back?
In volume V, Betrayal Begets Blood, an arms dealer masquerading as a high-tech businessman coerces Emma's witch friend Sylvia to help him take down the Scarlet Knight.  How can Emma stop a reign of terror without destroying her friend?
In volume VI, Future Shock, Emma is sent forward 20 years into the future by a magic spell.  There she meets her daughter Louise, who is a scientist like her.  Soon enough Emma also meets the resurgent Isis, who is more powerful than ever.  Isis is so powerful that a new Scarlet Knight has to take up the fight--Louise!

In volume VII, Living Sacrifice, Emma finds out that the daughter she thought had died in childbirth 2 years ago is still alive and living in Russia.  Emma's witch friend Agnes likewise has to travel across the world to stop a group of assassins from kidnapping her baby.  This is only the tip of a very deadly iceberg.
Finally, in volume VII, The Heart of Emma Earl, Isis has taken Emma captive and turned Rampart City into her own personal playground.  The world will soon follow, unless Emma's friends can find her and break her free from Isis' spell.  But can even the greatest Scarlet Knight of them all stop a goddess?

As I always say, if you don't really want to read them, download them anyway to pump up my ranking on Amazon.  I can use all the help I can get.  And maybe now someday someone other than me will actually have read the whole series.

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  1. I don't understand why you would set them all free? Nobody is going to need to buy them now. Why not just set the first one free and do a promo? One thing about advertising, even if it doesn't go well, you can write it off at tax time.



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