Monday, March 9, 2015

Best of the Best

I've been slowly reading through the ultimate omnibus of my Transformed gender swap series, which contains the first 20 volumes plus 2 of the holiday ones (Halloween & XMas).  Doing the math it features 42 stories.  It got me thinking which stories I like the best of the series.  So here's the Top 10 list!

1.  Sirens (Transformed Into a Whore):  This has the distinction of being the only story to feature chapters.  As I read it, I thought I could probably stretch it into a whole book if I ever wanted to.  It's about a Jack the Ripper type killer who loves to asphyxiate hookers while he gets himself off.  One night he picks up the wrong hooker, who turns out to be a siren, one of those chicks of ancient lore who can paralyze men with her song.  She decides to punish him by making him into a siren too.  And while at first it really sucks, becoming a siren might be the key to the guy's destiny!

2.  Graveyard Girls (Transformed Into a Goth Girl):  This uses one of the more unusual (and nonsensical) transformation methods.  A guy is cleaning the attic of his mom's house and finds this old punk record by a group called the Graveyard Girls.  He listens to this one song that puts him into kind of a trance and when he snaps out of it he has become a Goth girl!  Stranger yet, his mom and everyone else can't remember he was ever a boy.  He makes friends with another Goth girl and they go on a road trip to track down the lead singer of the group so maybe he can change back.  Sexy mayhem ensues!

3.  Fourth Wall (Transformed Into a Little Girl Too):  This is a fun one for comic book fans.  Some of it harkens back to my Girl Power series.  There's a Superman-type character who thanks to a Lex Luthor-like character is transported into another dimension where he's just a little girl who reads the comic book featuring who he used to be.  It gets weirder when in the comics the Superman-type character also becomes a little girl, exactly like him!  He convinces his mommy to take him to see the comic's writer and they start to work out a scheme to get him back into the comic book world, which involves him growing into a sexy young woman who finds that being a superhero in the real world isn't a lot of fun.

4.  The Merger (Transformed Into a Goth Girl):  It's the tender romance of a sleazy real estate mogul who gets turned into a broke bartender at a Goth nightclub and has to live with a nerdy writer.  But first the former real estate mogul has a fling with the other bartender, who used to be his mistress.  You know, because I needed to keep some sex in the story.  As you can see the Goth Girl one turned out to be really good--in my not-so-humble opinion.

5.   Of Two Minds (Transformed Into a Schoolgirl):  There's some fun Frankenstein-ish pseudoscience in this one.  A guy gets laid off when his factory decides to move to China.  The dude gets drunk and decides to take his frustrations out on a young Asian girl he sees walking by.  He strangles her, but then is shot by the cops.  When he wakes up, he's become the girl he killed!  Basically the girl's neurosurgeon father fixed parts of his daughter's brain with that of her murderer, the end result being that his memories are in her body.  But the more he lives as the girl, the more he starts to become her.

6.  Living Doll (Transformed Into a Little Girl):  This was the second of these stories I ever wrote.  It's about a philandering car dealer whose wife drugs him with something that changes him into a girl who keeps getting littler and cuter.  The wife employs the guy's former mistress as his babysitter and enrolls him in a beauty pageant.  That's where her plan begins to backfire on her.

7.  On the Prowl (Transformed Into a Cougar):  I think both volumes of the cougar ones are under appreciated.  Probably people don't want to think about middle-aged ladies having sex.  Anyway, this is the first of these stories I wrote.  A young stud rebuffs a middle-aged lady in a bar, not realizing she's actually a goddess who as revenge turns him into a rich fortysomething divorcee.  As the guy starts to live the lifestyle, he makes the mistake of falling in love with one of the cubs he goes after.

8.  Surrogate Mother (Transformed Into a Pregnant Girl Too):  How far would you go to have a baby?  A woman desperately wants a baby, but she can't get pregnant.  Out of desperation she buys some weird fertility drink off the Internet.  But when her husband accidentally drinks it, he turns into a girl!  His wife sees the opportunity and when invitro fertilization fails, she pimps out her husband until he finally gets knocked up.  For her husband the most horrifying is yet to come...

9.  Bait & Switch (Transformed Into a Fat Girl):  Science!  In the near-future if you have enough money you can have your memories put in a completely new body.  An old widower decides to spend his life savings on a hunky new body.  Except when the surgery goes bad, he wakes up in the body of a chubby young woman!  Now with the help of a therapist he has to try to adjust to his new life.  Problems arise when the old life of his donor body starts to interfere.

10.  Transformed for Halloween: The Gender Swap Costume Party:  It's a simple, albeit nonsensical idea:  five wives are tired of their husbands' behavior and band together to teach them a lesson in completely impractical fashion.  At midnight on Halloween, their husbands turn into the costumes the wives were wearing:  a bimbo, a cheerleader, a Goth girl, an Asian schoolgirl, and a little girl.  They're stuck like that for the next 24 hours while their wives have complete control over them.  This was a fun way to combine a bunch of the story themes I'd already done into one semi-coherent story.

You can read all of these (and 32 more) in the Transformed Collection, available through Draft2Digital on basically everywhere except Amazon.


  1. It's nice when you like your own books.

  2. These sound really really creative. You're putting a lot more effort into these than I thought.



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