Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A to Z Challenge 1: Asian Girls

Volume 14 of the Transformed series is Transformed Into an Asian Girl.  How this one came together was almost by accident.  Basically I had bought the image I used on the cover with a couple other "sexy" cover images, but I didn't use it right away, so it was just lying around.

On my journey across America I sometimes saw signs for "Oriental Spas" and so decided to use that as the basis for the first story, "Happy Endings."  Basically a guy sees one of those spas advertised on the highway and decides to go investigate.  He signs up for a steam bath that turns him into one of the girls who work there.  Mayhem ensues.

The second story is more of a comedy.  A stoner is going to flunk out of college if he doesn't pass a big test, so he looks online and stumbles across some Chinese miracle drug that's supposed to boost your IQ 50 points overnight.  Well it does, but it also changes him into a Chinese girl.  Things get awkward with his roommate then.

The stories are of course intended for mature audiences.  You can find it on Amazon for only $2.99, or free if you have Amazon Prime/Kindle Unlimited.


  1. It sounds like a twisted version of "Limitless"

  2. Oh boy. Stereotypes abound, eh? May you never get a review from Andrew.

  3. It makes sense to turn the stoner into a girl since girls are better students in general.

  4. Laughing at Cindy's comment. Gotta watch those wonder IQ drugs.

  5. Hahahaha..."Happy Endings." I love it.



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