Thursday, April 16, 2015

A to Z Challenge 14: Nerds

A little little reinterpretation is needed for this post.  The actual book was called Transformed Into a Geek Girl, but geeks, nerds, what's the diff?  Some people do draw a difference, but I don't really care.  Besides, I had a G and I needed an N, so there.

The genesis for this book was I had read a book that was supposed to be about a guy becoming a geek girl.  Except it's really just another book about a guy who becomes a bimbo.  All he-as-she can think about is getting a cock inside him-as-her.  It made for a really blah story and thus I decided I would do an actual book about a guy who becomes a geeky girl.  Not just the sort of geek girl you'd get on TV either, you know, a hot girl who puts on a pair of glasses like Felicity on "Arrow"--not that there's anything wrong with that.

The first story features a quarterback who was loosely-patterned after Texas A&M star and future NFL bust Johnny Manziel, or at least how I imagine Manziel must be.  You know, the kind of jerk who picks on nerds.  Well one night he meets a girl and she drugs him and the next morning he wakes up sort of like Snow White in the house of the geeks he terrorized.  Worse yet he wakes up as a nerdy girl with really frizzy hair and glasses and so forth.  He sells them on having lost his memory and one of the geek guys decides to help him and they start to fall in love.

The whole amnesia and falling in love thing is lifted from my book Virgin Territory, a really depressing book according to Michael Offutt.  The ending of this is in some ways as depressing and in some ways not.  Kind of a split decision.

The second story is one of the goofier ones I've done.  It's about a slacker who finds a magic ring in a box of cereal.  The ring is kind of like a Green Lantern ring, except a consequence of its power is that it changes him into a girl!  His superhero identity is a super-hot babe, but his secret identity is a geeky girl like on the cover.  The relationship with his roommate soon becomes awkward.  Meanwhile, he has to stop a villain terrorizing a comic book convention.  Oh, and his sidekick is a giant white rabbit with a British accent.

That one was pretty fun and it sort of balances out the mood from the first story.  You can read both stories by buying the book for $2.99 from Amazon!

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  1. I agree that a Nerd is close enough to a Geek that you can use it for the letter N.



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