Monday, April 20, 2015

A to Z Challenge 17: Quick, It's Something New! Plus Queen for a Day

I'm bored with this A to Z thing, so let's talk about something else!  In particular, this:
You're reading it right, it's a P.T. Dilloway book!  I haven't released one since about February 2014, so I suppose I was due.  Though of course I have to write it first.

I have to ask first, do you like the cover?  I made it last Thursday.  It's always hard trying to match the feet up.  At some point maybe I should go on Fiverr or something and see if someone can redraw it with the feet better lined up.  I had someone do the three Chances Are books, but I don't want to spend a lot of money.

Anyway, this is not a sequel to the Chances Are books.  It's a spin-off.  I talked about it before last year sometime.  It's my Chance of a Lifetime/Darkman/Syfy's old Invisible Man show mash-up.  The gist of the plot is that a con man is badly injured and injected with the same drug that turned Steve Fischer into Stacey Chance.  Only in this case the drug turns the guy into a young Indian woman (India Indian not Native American) whom a shady government agency wants to infiltrate a lab and sweet talk the head scientist to steal a very special project.

He's successful, but soon discovers that it's a double-cross and the shady government agency plans to kill him and the scientist.  So they go on the run and fall in love and junk while mayhem ensues.  Eventually it would lead into a new series where the con man can use his skills to take on various identities to do cool shit.

I had written up a sort of outline last year but there were some things I didn't like.  I took another run at it after rereading the Chances Are books recently.  Now that I've finished all the holiday-themed Transformed books (for now) and the Gender Swap Challenge trilogy it seems like the time to do it.  Maybe it'll remind people that P.T. Dilloway exists--more or less.
I'm reaching a little for Q because it's fucking Q and who the hell uses Q in their titles?  Anyway, the second story of Transformed Into a Pregnant Girl Too is called "The Heir."  It's about a crusty old senator who has little respect for women.  During a demonstration he rails that it was better when women knew their place.

He gets to his office and a witch shows up.  She decides to show him when women did know their place.  She transports him back to 16th Century England, where he's a woman who's only 23 and yet deemed old because she already has 2 kids.  On the day he arrives he happens to be getting married to the king.  Awesome, right?

Well there's just one hitch.  If you remember your Henry VIII, you know he was so crazy for a male heir that he overthrew the Catholic church to divorce his first wife and then had a couple more wives beheaded when they couldn't sire a boy.  Now the senator as the new queen has to deliver a boy or lose his head!

But the vindictive witch is still around to make things even more complicated.  It's a fun little story if you appreciate history, or my bastardized version thereof. 

You can buy this as part of Transformed Into a Pregnant Girl Too for only $2.99 on Amazon!


  1. I think it looks great. Matches up with your Chances Are series.

  2. I like the cover. The end of the alphabet is getting annoying.

  3. I think your covers are better now than they've ever been.

  4. I should really check out your Transformed series! Congrats on the upcoming book.



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