Saturday, April 11, 2015

A to Z Challenge 10: Joyous Occasions

I'm stretching again for this one.  Anyway, what's a more joyous occasion than being a bride at a wedding?  Except it's not so joyous when you're a guy being forced into becoming a bride.  That's the basis for Transformed Into a Bride.

The first story is another of those scenarios that probably doesn't make perfect sense.  This conman has married an old woman for her money and then poisoned her.  One of the old lady's family happens to have some magic powers and so changes the guy into a hot blond chick who's engaged to be married to some old guy.  (Does that make sense?  Not really?  Whatever.)  The conman has to get the old guy to the altar if he wants the money and maybe to become a man again.  You'll never guess what happens!  Or maybe you will.

The second story is longer and far more involved.  A homeless guy sees a flier promising $10,000 if he volunteers for a medical experiment.  So he goes to this creepy underground lab only to be shot up with something that changes him into a woman!  He finds himself in kind of a hospital/finishing school with first Emma from Tales of the Scarlet Knight and then later Melanie of Girl Power.  Because I like a good inside joke.

In this hospital/finishing school he's forced to learn how to do girly things like put on makeup and walk in heels and stuff like what fork to use for salad or entrees and other high society crap.  But this is only Phase 1 of the operation.  Then there's Phase 2, which leads to him being married off to some dude.  I'd say that's a spoiler, but the book is called Transformed Into a Bride, so obviously he's got to be a bride at some point, right?

Anyway, I think the second story is better than the first.  Find out for yourself by buying it off of Amazon for $2.99!

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