Friday, April 24, 2015

A to Z Challenge 21: Unexpected Pregnancies

A little stretching here, but I wanted to get the pregnancy books in here.  I'm not sure why people like these, but they do.  I mean I thought it was kind of weird.  I probably wouldn't have written a sequel if the first one hadn't sold.  And then I wouldn't have gone and wrote another stand-alone book.

So as you guess, these involve a guy being turned into a pregnant girl.  I have one rule and that's that no one has sex with the pregnant girl.  I know pregnant women can still have sex, but I've always found that icky.  Of course people might be buying the books hoping for that.  Who knows?
The first book was Transformed Into a Pregnant Girl.  The first story is about a guy who finds out his mistress is pregnant and celebrates by strangling her to death.  But she makes a deal with the devil (or whatever) to let her come back to life and give her power over her murderer.  So she turns him into a pregnant teenager, pretty much Ellen Page in "Juno."  Not only then does he have to deal with being pregnant, but also going to high school and having other kids make fun of him and stuff.  Over time, though, he starts to like the idea of having another life inside of him, but the most horrifying is yet to come...

I was on some kind of devil kick in this book because the second story is called "Antichrist" and it's kind of what you'd expect.  A guy goes to this old village in Mexico and accidentally frees a demon, who turns him into a girl, fucks him, and impregnates him with his demonic spawn.  The guy is brainwashed into thinking he's a young Mexican girl who has to get to America to have her baby.  Mayhem ensues!

This second story I used some stuff from a couple of older stories collected into Blood Sacrifices:  The Curse of Tabla Diabla, on sale now!  Tabla Diabla, or Devil's Table, is a village where once a year a demon would demand the people sacrifice a virgin girl to it.  The one year the sacrifice escapes, a shitload of mayhem ensues.

Anyway, the sequel to Transformed Into a Pregnant Girl I actually bumped up on my schedule because the first one did pretty good.  Give the people what they want, even if you don't have any fucking idea why they want it.

The first story is about a couple who want to have a baby, but the wife is barren to use the old parlance.  She gets desperate and goes online to buy some weird fertility potion.  Except she puts it in the fridge and her husband accidentally drinks it, thinking it's some kind of energy drink.  The drug turns him into a young Asian woman.  His wife has the brilliant idea that since her husband has a uterus now, why not put a baby in it?  They try using artificial insemination with the wife's egg and husband's frozen sperm, but when it doesn't take, the wife decides that she doesn't really care whose baby is in there, so long as it's a baby.  She forces her husband to go walk the streets at night, until he finally gets knocked up.  But that's only the tip of the iceberg.

At one point the wife arranges for her husband to get a job as a hostess at a Chinese buffet restaurant.  I modeled it after the one I frequented in Scottsdale.  That place had this really awesome crab/cream cheese bake that had little squid in it.  That probably sounds really nasty, but I bet a pregnant girl would love it--maybe with chocolate sauce.

I already talked about the second story for my Q entry, so go reread that!

When I was downloading Microsoft Office clipart (before they got rid of it, the jerks) I found one of a pregnant woman and thus decided that I might as well do another, stand-alone book.  This one is called My Mistress Turned Me Into a Pregnant Girl!  And well, you can pretty much guess the story.  Or not.
I deliberately put the text over the woman's smiling face.
Yeah, so a guy's mistress has a miscarriage and he's less than supportive.  He acts supportive, but she sees through this and so decides through whatever means to turn him into a young pregnant girl.  Like in the first pregnant girl story I wrote he has to go back to high school, where he meets a girl and they become best friends, but the most horrifying is yet to come!

You can also buy that for $2.99 on Amazon, along with the other books I mentioned.  Do it!!!!  Even if I have no idea why you'd want to.


  1. Great post Pat. I think that's a good angle having the guy go through the pregnancy and see what it's really like.

    Thanks for sharing and good luck with the rest of the challenge :)

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  3. We have the same U word today. LOL

    I really like the potion in the fridge/hubby drinking it idea. It just sounds so typical a man would come a long and drink something without thinking. Maybe a lot of women wish this could happen if only for a few days just so a man can really know what it's like.

  4. I wonder what the men-turned-women thought of labor?

  5. I once wore the pregnancy-simulation, no. So glad I'm a dude.



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