Monday, April 13, 2015

A to Z Challenge 11: Kari Chomar and the Stone of Change

This is the one entry not dedicated to one of my recent erotica-type books.  This is actually an older one that was the only thing I could really think of for K.
A few years ago now I wrote this trilogy of novellas called Perfect Worlds that was kind of the prototype for my later stories.  The first book is called The Stone of Change.  The universe this takes place in features a planet where women are dominant over men.  Lesbian couples are not just legal, they're the norm because men are deemed only worthy for manual labor.

Kari Chomar is a scientist who has spent most of her life reading books.  She suffers from a disease that's slowly causing her to go blind and decides that before she loses her sight, she's going to locate an ancient culture she thinks founded life on her planet.  So she goes to another planet with a male assistant named Tai Lecau.

They stumble across a cave that leads to an old temple.  In the temple is a strange black stone.  When Tai grabs the stone it gives him pretty much godlike powers.  With these he decides to put the men back in charge of his home planet.  And then he has Kari participate in some little fantasies of his by turning her into all sorts of different guises, like a little girl, a schoolgirl, a whore, a geek girl, a Goth girl...hurm, that sounds familiar!

The second book in the series is more of a spin-off involving three characters Kari interacts with during one part of the first book.  In the third book Kari is more involved again in the action as the Stone of Change changes hands a couple of times, though never to her, because there's something that prevents her from ever using it, making her only its pawn.

As you might suspect, there are a number of references to these stories in my later books.  I love a good inside joke after all.  I've pretty much gone through and made Sims for every version of Kari in the series, which amounts to quite a lot.  I have a whole blog to showcase those.  If you're a real masochist you can find it here.

If you want to read the books they're $2.99 each or the omnibus is a mere $4.99.  What a deal!


  1. So there's still some transformation, albeit from the hand of a guy-god.

  2. If I could ever get out of my writer's block funk, I'd like to do an omnibus.

  3. It's great when you have a theme you can keep expanding on.



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