Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A to Z Challenge 19: Spring/Summer

When I was thinking of holiday stories to write, it occurred to me that although it's not an official holiday, spring break is sort of a holiday.  So after I wrote Transformed for Mardi Gras, I wrote Transformed for Spring Break.

I had read a story about a couple that goes to a fancy resort and the men there are all turned into women.  Of course in that story it's just a flimsy excuse then for sex, sex, and more sex.  I decided to take a similar tack.  But I didn't start right off into sex, sex, and more sex for whatever reason.  I'd probably sell more if I did, right?

Basically what happens is that a college guy and his friend "win" an all-expenses trip for spring break to this fancy resort.  It's called Ile de Lesbienne; if you can guess what that means then you're smarter than those two guys.  Once they're in the plane hot chicks are all over them, but that night they're drugged and when they wake up, they've turned into girls!

But there's kind of a two-tiered system.  One guy turns into the busty blond bimbo type.  The other turns into a far more normal, tomboyish girl.  The idea that some guys need more easing into becoming a woman so that's like the "starter model."

And then...mayhem ensues.  Come on, you should know that by now. 

Recently I wrote Transformed for Summer, which follows a similar tack.  A guy thinks he's going to work at a resort in the Caribbean for the summer to earn money for college, but when he gets there, he's drugged and wakes up as a girl!  They tell him that his real job for the summer is to be a "comfort girl" to one of the resort's visitor.

That visitor is a dorky guy whose dad sends him there to get laid.  They've promised to find the perfect girl for this task and gee, who do you suppose that is?  Duh.  They have a lot of sex and start to fall in love, but the dorky guy starts to realize there's something not quite right about this girl...

If you want some seasonal action, both books are $2.99 on Amazon.


  1. Whoa. What kind of drug are they getting hit with??? Yikes!

  2. Not something right with the girl. That cracked me up. Be sure that's in your blurb for this book (if not already.)



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