Monday, April 6, 2015

A to Z Challenge 5: Elixir

In case you never thought to download it like the two years it was free, Chance of a Lifetime is free for the next few days. Like I always say, even if you don't want to read it, just download it to help me out.  I mean it's free so it shouldn't compromise your "integrity" at all--or your finances!

I could have used Easter since it's the day after Easter and I have a story called Transformed for Easter.  Instead I'm going to use Elixir, a reference to a little story called The Lipstick Lesbian Elixir

It's the first one of these books I wrote that's NOT a gender swap story.  The main character starts as a woman and ends a woman.  In this case the woman is a butch police detective who's investigating this drug called Lezz that turns the women who use it into horny lesbians who go crazy and kill their husbands.

At a crime scene the detective ends up getting a bunch of the drug on her.  Over the next few days she finds herself getting increasingly girly, until she looks like the hot chick on the cover.  At the same time while before she was pretty much asexual, she now finds herself really, really turned on by other women, especially a bartender she meets.

This was one of those where I was trying to broaden my horizons a little, expand my market beyond just gender swap stories.  It hasn't done really great, which is probably an indication I should just stay in my sandbox.

You can buy it from Amazon for a measly $2.99!  And if you're still in the mood for Easter, you can also buy Transformed for Easter for $2.99!


  1. I admire the way you keep trying different things to succeed.

  2. It's not a gender swap, technically, but it's still a transformation story of sorts. I don't know of any other books out there that's quite like your stuff.



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