Friday, April 17, 2015

A to Z Challenge 15: One Day as a Bimbo

This was the story where a reviewer claiming to be a great fan (though he's only given one positive review and two negative ones) called me lazy and said I shouldn't write a book a week because the story was suffering.  But really this was written to placate those other people who had complained other books didn't have enough sex.  I had read some other books recently and decided to try to follow the formula, more or less.

The premise is based on an old Richard Matheson story called "The Box" that was made into a crappy movie a few years ago by the guy who made "Donnie Darko."  The idea of that was a couple gets a mysterious box and if they press the button they get a million dollars--but someone they don't know will die.  There's a series on Crackle called "Chosen" that has a similar premise, where a guy receives a box with a gun in it, marking him as part of some game.

So in my story there's this stoner guy who's lying around getting high one day when a sophisticated British lawyer guy shows up.  The lawyer says he'll give the stoner one million dollars if he agrees to become a woman for one day.  To prove good faith, $500,000 has already been wired to him and the rest will be given once the day is up.

What would you do?  Yeah, I think I'd take the money.  I mean it's only one day, right?  What's the worst that can happen?  The guy finds out what can happen when he agrees to the deal.  Because of course the lawyer guy isn't strictly on the up-and-up about who's behind this deal and why.

It's ain't exactly Shakespeare but it might give you wood.  Find out by buying it from Amazon for $2.99!

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  1. It's impossible to keep reviewers happy. If you change something, then another person won't like it.



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