Friday, April 10, 2015

A to Z Challenge 9: I've Become My Schoolgirl Fantasy!

That title pretty much says it all, right?  So there you go, entry over.  See ya!


The story is pretty self-explanatory.  There's a selfish prick who forgets his wife's anniversary.  When he wants her to put on a schoolgirl outfit for a little role-playing, she decides to reveal that she's a witch and then wrinkles her nose to POOF! turn him into the schoolgirl the costume was designed for.  That night she fucks his brains out, but then she decides to actually send him to school so he can get a good idea of what it's like to be a real schoolgirl.

Because I always try to include life-affirming messages like that in my erotica stories.  This is another of those where I had the cover image lying around on my laptop after having bought it with some other images.  I decided to finally write a story to go with the picture--sort of.  I mean that girl on the cover looks more like a naughty teacher than a schoolgirl, but whatever. 

If you're brave enough, buy it from Amazon for $2.99!


  1. Good for the wife! Teach that man a lesson.

  2. Naughty teacher....why do I have the sudden urge to play some Van Halen?



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