Monday, October 6, 2014

Grumpy Bulldog Does America Day 33: Sunday Funday

Hooray for you, not a lot of pictures today!  So today after "breakfast" (more like brunch really) after Michael Offutt's friend Meg's house, me, Michael, and his friend Adam went to this little place called the Gilgal Gardens.  It has a bunch of sculptures made by this bigshot Mormon guy.  Some are really odd, like a Sphinx with Mormon founder Joseph Smith's head.  Since this was "conference weekend" for the Mormon church there were actually a few Mormons wandering around.  I'm not sure what they thought about the Sphinx or the guy with brick pants and so forth.  Make of it what you will.

After that we went back to Meg's place and more Bananagrams.  I actually managed to win a few games.  I got on a hot streak where I won 3 in a row.  We switched to this board game called Settlers of Canan or something like that.  I couldn't really explain all the rules to you, which is why I lost both games pretty handily.

I would have settled for just getting a pizza for dinner, but Michael insisted on going to Benihana and I acquiesced.  Because really, when am I going to get a chance to go there again?  There is at least one in Michigan, but it's not the kind of place you go by yourself and getting the family there would be a hassle.  So take advantage of the opportunity as it comes.

They have 2 levels, one for sushi and one for the teppanyaki grill.  We went to the latter.  If you're familiar with the place, that's where you sit around a grill and the chef comes out and in this whole theatrical way makes your dinner in front of you.  I got some kind of beef and shrimp.  First though the chef made the chicken fried rice.  That was probably the best I've had of that, since usually when I get Asian food it's from a Chinese place in a warming tray so it's not nearly so fresh.  And it's good to know the chef isn't spitting in your food or anything.  The guy made a couple mistakes on flipping stuff around and such, maybe because his name is Mario, which isn't exactly all that Japanese sounding. Probably the weakest part of the meal was the green tea ice cream, which was just Hagen-Daaz; they don't make that in front of you.

After dinner, Michael, his friend Adam, and I watched TV at Michael's place while my laundry finished drying.  First we watched Star Wars Rebels, the new Star Wars cartoon on Disney.  It was pretty good.  As Adam said, it's like Firefly meets Star Wars, only more family oriented.  There's potential for it to be decent.  Or it could turn into a boondoggle.

Then was the latest Doctor Who episode.  I never watched Doctor Who before.  It was OK.  Kind of goofy in that a baby alien was hatching from the moon.

And lastly we watched the finale of The Strain, which I also had never watched.  Basically vampires are taking over New York.  I might have ruined someone's illusions by pointing out Corey Stoll, who plays one of the main characters, wears a hairpiece.  Which I knew because in House of Cards he was as bald as me.  Anyway, there's not exactly a cliffhanger ending, but it leaves some things to be answered (maybe) the next year.

Tomorrow is the last day in Salt Lake.  I was going to leave today, but when I plotted my schedule for the week I had an extra day.  So I'll bum around the area for a while because other people in the city actually have to work.


  1. Those stone carvings are incredible, although the heads are a little creepy. Still, you have to admire that kind of craftsmanship.

  2. It's been a fun visit. Perhaps tonight we can just get pizza and watch Gotham and Sleepy Hollow.

  3. Congrats on Bananagrams and the last episode of Doctor Who was an interesting one. Probably not a good one to start with.

  4. I love Settlers, but we haven't played it in a while. School tends to dislodge family game night.



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