Friday, October 24, 2014

Grumpy Bulldog Does America Day 51: Santa Fe Express

Last night when I left Panera Bread I took a few more pictures, which might be pretty much the same as the night before.

I got dinner at Panda Express next door, where they had this really yummy walnut honey shrimp.  That shit was the bomb.

At least the Internet works at this motel, which is about all I can say to recommend it.  The first thing I noticed is that of all the rooms in this building, mine is the shittiest looking from the outside with a door that's all chipped and a cracked window.  Inside's not a lot better since the dishwasher is out of order and the TV is probably 20 years old with colors that are all fucked up.  I mean it's a freaking Zenith--they stopped making those like 10 years ago!

I got up at 9ish, ate breakfast, and then left Albuquerque around 11am.  I cruised into Santa Fe on fumes.  Well the car said I had 41 miles left in the tank, not that you can really trust it.  It wasn't a real long drive to Santa Fe, probably less than an hour.  It's only about 60 miles or so.

The thing I noticed is that Santa Fe has no skyline to speak of.  Supposedly the capitol is around here, but there's no real big buildings or anything that you can see from far away.  I found the motel pretty easy and then went to get some gas.  I got a car wash there too, which washed off some of the bug guts from the front end/windshield.  I had dead butterflies in the front grill at one point, so it definitely needed some cleaning.

Since it was noonish and I couldn't check in until 3pm, I eventually found a Starbucks.  It's kind of a weird one as it only has outdoor seating.  But it was only about 68 degrees, so that wasn't a big deal.  Except the chairs they have outdoors at Starbucks are always so flimsy looking that I worry I'll break them.  So I said the hell with it and fetched my lawn chair, which can hold like 800lbs or something.  That made it more comfortable to write for a couple of hours.

I went to a KFC again since it was right down the road.  There were obnoxious kids making it annoying, plus their Internet sucks ass.

By the time I finished it was time I could check in to this dump.  I mean I know you can't expect a lot for about $45/night, but this is kind of pushing it.  No one has any pride in their work anymore I guess.  At least since the Internet worked I could watch Wednesday's episode of "Arrow" on my laptop.

I had to waste like a half-hour thanks to some Ukranian twerp who hacked into my EA Origin account so he could download some Need for Speed game.  I got an email that my password had been changed which since Origin isn't installed on my laptop (it's EA's stupid platform for the Sims 3 and stuff) I knew it wasn't me.  The problem is I go to the login and tell it that I forgot my password so it sends me an Email to reset it--except it's in Russian!  That stupid twerp changed my account's language to Russian.  I tried Emailing EA but they were useless.  They said they'd call, but 2 minutes later they sent an email saying they'd closed the case--without doing anything.  WTF?  So I took the Email they sent me in Russian and copied the text into Google, which translated into English, which allowed me to get the password changed--and the language changed back to English.  Now it's supposed to Email me if anyone else tries to gain access to my account.  Not that that will work.  Stupid pain in the ass shit like that with these jerk offs stealing shit because they're too fucking cheap to use their own account.  I just hope Comerica doesn't fuck with my bank account again because of this or anything.

After that I walked over to Albertson's, which is kind of in the same plaza.  I was looking for something for dinner and saw this sloppy joe stuff that you just microwave--all you need is your own bun!  So I found some buns too, though it seemed there was some kind of run on hamburger buns there.  I got this weird Zevia Ginger Root Beer that's like diet root beer only flavored with Stevia or whatever it is instead of sugar.  It's OK though it might be better when it cools off better.

I took a few pictures after I got back.  I had to walk all the way out by the road to get a somewhat decent vantage, though by then I was a little late.

The sloppy joes turned out OK, though the second-best (of two) that I've had.  I couldn't toast the buns here to make them better.

Shortly after dinner this cop car went by a couple of times, finally this lady officer knocks on my door.  There's this newer white Focus from Nevada that's parked way back in the spot.  I'm not sure what's been going on but the dude had a locksmith working on it while I was watching "Arrow."  I'm not sure if he ever got it fixed or not.  Anyway I just told her it wasn't my car and she went away.

There you go.  Since it wasn't a long drive, I didn't take lots of pictures.  Lucky you.

They have this placard for a website called Santa Fe Selections that lists some things to do, though most seem to be outside Santa Fe.  I should go find the Santa Fe Plaza and Capitol.  I could go to Los Alamos; the museum there is free!  And I should go stalk George RR Martin for Michael Offutt.  Get out my ski mask and break in and go all "Misery" on him until he finishes the book.

I haven't decided where to go from here.  I want to go back to Tucumcari and then south to Roswell but I was also thinking since I'm fairly close that I should visit Colorado.  It's the only western state I haven't been to on this trip.  Sure I only nipped a corner of Wyoming and the very top of Idaho, but that still counts.  Denver seems too far away, so I might look to see what would be closer.  Pueblo, maybe.  Or whatever.

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  1. If George RR Martin suddenly finishes the next book, we'll know why.



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