Saturday, October 11, 2014

Grumpy Bulldog Does America Day 39: Finder's Fee

The theme for today was finding stuff.  It started at the $3 Car Wash when I was cleaning and vacuuming the car.  I found a bag of laundry from when I left my old apartment and had forgotten about.  Then the vacuum picked up a piece of black plastic I realized was the back of my AT&T phone I'd lost like a year ago.  I had bought a case to cover up the battery, but it's probably better to have the actual backing on too.

While there I saw a Big Lots across the street, so I stopped there.  I was hoping maybe they'd have a suitcase for cheap to replace my big one with the jammed handle.  They didn't, but I did get a new dishpan to soak my feet in and some other crap.

I went to a Comerica branch that was open on Saturday.  Of course they couldn't do anything about my ATM card situation there.  It wasn't a surprise, but I guess I didn't have to sit around on hold for 20 minutes or something.

Pretty much across the street was a plaza and when I drove near the end I realized I'd been there in 2008 because there was the Red Kimchi Korean Restaurant.  I ate there in 2008 because there was pretty much nothing else open in that area at the time and what the hell.  I had some seafood thing that came in a bunch of little bowls.  I didn't feel like going there today, so I went to the Chinese buffet at the opposite end of the plaza, which was a different Chinese buffet in 2008.  The funny thing is that in the desert I could finally get seafood on a buffet.  I had the best crab cheese stuff since I left Michigan.  It had these little octopi in it, so I ate one of those, which wasn't bad.

While I was eating I got a message on Facebook from my sister that my ATM card had finally shown up in Michigan.  So hopefully next week I can get that and activate it and end this ridiculous nightmare.  Plus there are a couple of checks I can deposit, one from my old apartment and one from Amazon.

I went back to the motel and pretty much just laid around reading comics and watching college football until about 6.  Then I took some pictures around the motel in the late evening, which seems to come quicker in Arizona than it did in Vegas.  I'm not sure what the deal is with that.  For dinner I found a Fry's, which is their version of Kroger/Fred Meyer/Smith's and got some tomato bisque soup and an egg salad sandwich for dinner.

I also found the laundry room at the motel so tomorrow I'm just going to do the laundry and watch football and stuff.  Huzzah.

Last night while I was loading pictures I created an omnibus for the Chances Are series and the Girl Power series:

I had one that combined the two series but no one bought that despite that for $3.99 it was a hell of a deal.  Maybe people don't like getting so many books for cheap. 


  1. Will get your card sent ASAP. I need to look up to see where the closest Fedex is. I think you also have a paycheck here among the other crap. I don't think anything has come yet from the SOS aboot your license and tabs. That should be coming soon.

  2. Good thing for sisters! I'm wondering if there are any Jimmy John's down there. Those are my favorite subs.

  3. Must have been one powerful vacuum!

    Sounds like a pain. Hopefully you'll get the $ thing sorted out.

    The pics are incredible. It has been getting darker sooner lately. Noticeably, in fact.

  4. It's always weird when you clean your car and find stuff you swear you were looking for. Enjoy the weather!

  5. People want books for free. Cheap is for losers.



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