Monday, October 27, 2014

Grumpy Bulldog Does America Day 54: Rocky Mt High

Surprise, I'm in Colorado Springs!  (That would be in Colorado, duh.)  And it's freaking coooooold!  To think about a week ago I was in the desert where it was 90 degrees and now I'm in the mountains where it's barely cracking 60 and there's a freeze warning overnight.

You didn't miss anything yesterday.  As I figured, the Lions were losing when I woke up, but then they made a spectacular comeback from being down 21-0.  When it was 21-13 I thought, "No way they'll get a touchdown."  Then they did.  And I thought, "No way they get the 2 point conversation."  And they didn't.  I thought, "No way they get the ball back."  But they did.  Then I thought:  "No way they get in field goal range."  But they did.  And I thought, "He'll miss."  Which he did.  But wait, there was a delay of game penalty--he gets another try!  And I thought, "He'll miss again."  But this time, back 5 yards he made a better kick.  And the stupid Lions won!  With the Packers losing they're actually alone in first place.  See, I leave Michigan and the Lions stop sucking so much.  They'll probably win the Super Bowl now.

After that I went to do laundry, which sucked because other people were doing laundry too.  And while they have 6 washers there were only 4 dryers working.  And someone had left their clothes sitting in one.  I said the hell with protocol and tossed that person's clothes into one of the broken machines.  Since they weren't there later I assume the person found them.

Other than that I watched football and ate French bread pizza.

Today I had the alarm set for 8am and went to get breakfast.  All they had were Danishes, toaster waffles, and cereal.  I had some Danishes and Raisin Bran.  I left by 9:30 because I knew I'd have about a 6 hour drive ahead of me, with stops for lunch and such.

There were some hills at first, but after I got past Las Vegas (New Mexico) it turned to plains until I crossed into Colorado.  Then it was mountainous for a little while, until I got to Trinidad (Colorado), where I got off the highway to get lunch.  Trinidad is kind of a dump.  I went all through the town and eventually found a Burger King.  I ate inside but might as well have eaten outside with all the flies in there.  The AT&T WiFi hit a new low by making you watch one of their stupid ads before they'd allow you to use the WiFi.

After that it got back to plains again, though off to the left eventually you could see the Rocky Mountains.  At one point an honest to God tumbleweed went past.  I saw some deer but they were fortunately far away from the road--which is where I prefer deer and other such creatures to be.

I stopped on the northern edge of Pueblo at the Loaf n Jug to get some gas.  I might have been able to make it to Colorado Springs on what I had, but it would have been close, so the hell with it.

About 3:15 I got to the Hampton Inn by the airport.  It's not that close to the airport really; I mean you don't hear planes overhead and such.  There's a Comfort Inn to one side and a Hilton Garden on the other side.

Anyway, after a week of shitty motels I needed some "Hamptonality" as they say on the commercials.  You know, a hotel without cracked windows, door handles falling off, burnt out bathroom lights, or ancient TVs with fucked up colors.  Plus Travelocity had a good deal on it.

I'm here until Thursday in Colorado Springs, notable as home of the Air Force Academy, location of "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman," and former home of Tony Laplume.  I need to kind of lay low these few days, until I get paid on Thursday.  Along with my severance I should also get August's Amazon money, which is almost twice as much with the Kindle Unlimited sales.  Yay for that!

Here are the pictures from today.  No good sunset pictures, because with the mountains and clouds there wasn't a lot to see.


  1. Those sunset pictures are very awesome Pat and, yeah, that was one surprising game.

  2. Never actually made it out to Pueblo.



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