Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Grumpy Bulldog Does America Day 35: Road to Cedar City

Today I left Salt Lake behind.  Though if you read my entry from earlier today, you know first I stopped to get the car wash and then at Starbucks loaded the pictures I wasn't able to load yesterday.

Like many big cities (Chicago, Detroit, etc.) the metro Salt Lake area goes for quite a while.  I guess they'd call it the Salt Lake Valley.  You go past a lot of suburbs and then Provo (which I thought would be bigger) and then a few more outlying areas.  I stopped at one called Springville I think to use the bathroom at Wal-Mart.  I got some bottled water too, just enough to get me from there to Phoenix.  I got lunch from the Wendy's drive-thru before getting back on the road.

Pretty much it was just a straight shot down I-15 to Cedar City.  There were some hills but not as many as going through Montana or Washington or any of that.

Tonight I'm at the Motel 6, which so far isn't that bad, but it's really stripped-down.  You don't get a fridge or microwave and only 2 pillows.  There's only one outlet other than in the bathroom.  The shower is this weird triangle shape that I have no idea how a normal person would use.  But the Internet works better, so that's good.

I went to dinner at the All American Diner.  All the eagles and patriotic stuff inside makes it look like the kind of place where Stephen Colbert should eat.  But I did get a really good wrap with chicken, bacon, avocado, etc.  It would have been better if the chicken had been warmed up instead of cold.  Oh well.

There was a traffic jam of sorts getting back.  The light at the corner to the road for my motel has provision for a green arrow when turning left but for some reason it just would blink yellow.  Then there was too much traffic for more than maybe a car to get through per light.  Of course adding to that you get people who are too distracted or too chickenshit to go when they can.

Anyway, I barely got back in time to watch "The Flash" on the CW.  I thought the pilot was good, though the setup reminded me of Smallville, the Superman prequel show.  In the first season or two of that every week Clark Kent had to fight some villain created by "meteor rocks" aka Kryptonite.  Only in this case it seems like the villains are being created by the supercollider explosion that gave Barry Allen his powers.

Here are the pictures:

Tomorrow I go to Vegas.  While I'd have liked to stay at Caesar's Palace or the Bellagio or one of those, they were $200-$300 per night, which I can't afford.  So instead I'm staying at the D hotel and casino.  Which since marketers want people to call Detroit "the D" seems appropriate.  Since it should only take a couple hours to get to Vegas and I can't check in until 3pm, I might do some other stuff in Utah first.


  1. If you have time, check out the show "Absinthe" in a tent in front of Caesar's Palace. Like I told you in person, it's like a $300 show for a quarter of the price.

  2. I paused at the Cedar Point sign. I guess that name isn't reserved...lol.



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