Thursday, October 9, 2014

Grumpy Bulldog Does America Day 36, Pt 2: Vegas, Baby!

So picking up from Part 1, I had left St. George, UT and gone through a corner of Arizona...

The road wound back into Nevada, which had a lot of road construction.  That of course got to be annoying, especially when there’s only one lane and some semi in front of you.  But eventually I got to Las Vegas.  Unlike say Seattle you can see it from miles out, I suppose because there aren’t a bunch of mountains and forests in the way.

Getting to the D casino was a little interesting.  The GPS wanted me to run through a barricade and a crowd of people on the Fremont Street Experience.  Instead I went around the corner and in the process found the parking garage.  The first couple of levels are for valet parking.  I went all the way up to the top, which unfortunately wasn’t on the roof, because that would have made for better pictures.  But I guess the ones I got weren’t too bad.

Finding the motel registration was fairly easy; I just had to find the line of people with luggage. It’s annoying they put these right in the casino because it’s so freaking loud in there.  And the elevators take forever.  You have to put your floor into a computer and then it directs you to one of four elevators and then you wait…and wait…and wait like 10 minutes for the freaking elevator to show up.

I’m on the 30th floor, which is kind of cool.  Of course I’m not facing the Strip really but you can still see a lot of city from here.  It’d be better if they’d wash their freaking windows.  The good thing is being that high up with nothing of equal height nearby I can go around naked with the curtains open.  Who’s going to see me?  People in helicopters?  Batman and Robin climbing up the side of the building?  The hotel itself is not really much better than your local Super 8 or something on par with that.  The TV wasn’t even working at first because it had to be turned to HDMI1.  I wish it had a fridge for my water since I don’t feel like dragging my cooler up to the room.

I did some editing and stuff in the room until 6ish.  In the elevator this fat chick with tattoos gets on and says, “You smell good!”  Which I don’t wear cologne or anything, so I have no idea what she was smelling, unless it was the hand lotion the hotel provides.  Or maybe it was a weird pick up line.  Sadly I don’t have money for picking anyone up. 

I went out to the Fremont Street Experience.  It’s got that roof over part of it where at night they put up images, like fake sky or fireworks or even the Air Force’s Thunderbirds flying by.  There are a couple of casinos and some restaurants.  Since they blocked off the street, food trucks and street performers park there.  It seems like something that would be in Portland or Seattle or one of those more hippie-friendly cities.

I walked all the way down to the Container Park, which is like a mall they built out of old shipping containers.  Then on the way back I tried to figure out where to go to dinner.  I saw this Kebob Corner that didn’t seem to be busy and kebobs sounded good.  I ordered shrimp kebobs, but for some reason they didn’t put them on sticks.  What’s the point of a kebob if it’s not on a stick?  I probably should have got it to go because these frat boy lunks came in and were being really loud and obnoxious.  I guess that’s not unusual for Vegas.  I ended up just mixing all the shrimp, vegetables, and rice together and eating it with a fork.  Anyway, I’d say not to bother with that place.

I walked up four floors in the parking garage to get the parking garage elevator so I wouldn’t have to try to figure out where to go in the casino.  I took a few more pictures from the garage and then took my shit down and then back up.

Before "Arrow" came on, I watched this show on CNBC that's basically "Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous" talking about all these dickhead billionaires and what they blow their limitless supply of money on.  There's this one German guy known as the "Homeless Billionaire" who's basically been doing what I have the last 36 days, only he goes around in a Gulfstream, accompanied by models.  Otherwise, totally the same deal.

Tomorrow I’m planning to go out of town to the Hoover Dam.  Maybe I’ll run into Megatron and the All Spark there.  I bought a ticket for Absinthe at Caesar’s Palace, though first I need to find somewhere to print out the receipt because they wait until after you’ve finished the order to tell you you need a freaking printout to pick up the ticket from Will Call.  It doesn’t seem like they have a business center here, so I’ll have to go to a FedEx Office or library or something.

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  1. The D hotel sounds really big...but it is Vegas, so that makes sense. Maybe you can call Caesar's Palace and ask them what to do if you can't print because that might happen to a lot of other people.



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