Friday, October 17, 2014

Grumpy Bulldog Does America Day 43: Round Phoenix

Just a quick entry because I have to pack and stuff like that.  I'm moving essentially laterally from Scottsdale to Fountain Hills, which is to the east and probably even snootier.  I'm staying at the same motel I stayed at in 2008 for the weekend.  It wasn't too horribly expensive, so I thought for the hell of it I'd do that since I liked that place.

Anyway, today I had nothing to do really.  I went looking for a Chinese restaurant I went to in 2008 that I recall had really good honey chicken.  I couldn't remember the name of it or cross streets or anything, only that I went there after going to the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park.  So I went to the Railroad Park, not into the park, just drove by and tried to see if anything looked familiar.

Nothing did, so I ended up wandering around Scottsdale and Phoenix for a while.  I got gas and stopped at a Big Lots and then eventually went to this place called the Red Wok.  I doubt it was the same place from 2008 but they did have good honey chicken.  So that was something.

I got a job interview tomorrow in Tempe.  They emailed me a job application they wanted filled out ahead of time.  So like in Vegas, I had to go to FedEx Office and print it off.

After that I went back to the Starbucks by my motel to finish writing my Halloween gender swapping story:

I have an idea for an XMas one based on A Christmas Carol, basically Scrooge would get turned into 3 different chicks he screwed over in some way.  I'd probably do a Valentine's Day one too.  That's about all the holidays I can think of that would work.  I mean I could use like St. Patrick's Day or Easter or Independence Day or something, but those aren't really that big of holidays.  And getting turned into a Leprechaun or bunny would be weird--more so.

Anyway, so tomorrow I have to pack up the car and stuff, then go to Tempe, then go to Fountain Hills.  There's someone else I need to maybe call about an interview too.  I doubt either will go very well.  I haven't interviewed for a job in almost 13 years and I wasn't that good at it back then.  Plus I didn't pack a suit and I don't have the money at present to go buy one.  But maybe someone will be desperate.

Here's my random Phoenix/Scottsdale pictures:


  1. You could probably get a cheap suit at a re-sale shop. Sometimes you can find good stuff in those places. I used to get a lot of kids clothes there. Nice pics!

  2. Interviews always suck no matter how good you are at them.

  3. Job interviews are always hard because they ask those psychological questions that prove you'a serial killer. Nice pics though.

  4. Every single one of those pictures made me think of Breaking Bad. Watch out for blue meth, I guess.

    And interviewing sucks. My hat's off to you.



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