Saturday, October 18, 2014

Grumpy Bulldog Does America Day 44: Relief

As I write this, I'm in only a bathrobe and underwear, my body all nice and loose from a long, hot bath.  After a month and a half of tiny shower stalls and bathtubs, it's about freaking time too.  But really even though the bathrobe might say it's "One size fits all" it's really just "One size fits MOST."  I am not part of that most.

Anyway, I packed up my stuff and got out of the motel in Scottsdale pretty much at 11am.  Since we're in the desert you usually expect to open your curtains and see it sunny and blue, but today it was gray and actually sprinkled a little, of course while I had to load the car.

Then I went across the river to Tempe.  I got there at like 11:30 and my interview wasn't until 1, so I went around to a Starbucks and edited my latest story in the car while drinking a frappe because it was too crowded and loud inside.  I suppose because it's right close to Arizona State there were a lot of college kids in there.  While outside I called someone else about an interview.  But they wanted someone who was certified in Quickbooks, which I am not.  I've used some of it, but not a lot.  It was nice of the lady to tell me this over the phone instead of dragging me in for an interview and wasting potentially days of my time waiting around for that.  One time back in 2001 I went to this job interview and then when I got home later I realized they'd sent me a message while I was on the way saying they'd given the job to someone else.  Yet when I got there they were too chicken to mention that, which that interview more of a farce than usual.

Anyway, I found this place by 12:45ish and went inside.  I won't go on about the interview, but at the end I asked how I did since I hadn't done one in 13 years.  He said I looked really nervous, which isn't a surprise because I'm pretty much always nervous around new people.  Offutt can attest to that.  I didn't feel as bad not wearing a suit since he was wearing a polo shirt and jeans.  I'm 99% sure I didn't get the job, so with no other leads now I guess I can leave Phoenix.

Though first I'm spending the weekend in Fountain Hills, where I spent a few days in 2008.  I'm at the same motel too.  It's pretty awesome as you get resort-type features (such as a bathrobe and a fireplace) for really the same or less than a Holiday Inn Express.  Plus as you might see from my pictures, there's a really great view of the mountains and the Phoenix area. 

And as you might see in my pictures, the houses around here are probably pretty freaking expensive.  A schlub like me could never, ever afford to live here, so I guess I have to settle for a weekend.  Oh and this place has my two favorite words for a hotel:  whirlpool tub.  Really it was this hotel that showed me how awesome it is to have a whirlpool tub/Jacuzzi in your hotel room.  After a long day of running around the desert taking pictures and stuff, it's nice to have your own private tub to soak in and the jets feel really nice on sore feet.  After I stayed here the first time I looked for whirlpool tubs/Jacuzzis whenever possible when I went on vacation.  Hampton Inns usually have them while other chains are more sporadic.

I got to Fountain Hills a little before 3, so I walked around for a few minutes and then checked in.  One of the downsides to this place is you have to go a long way from your car to the room door.  It makes unloading and loading kind of a hassle.  Back in 2008 when I was unloading it was like midnight and I saw this huge freaking toad on the steps snapping up bugs.  Since it was daytime, no huge freaking toad.  I did see a little lizard, a jackrabbit, and a hummingbird, so that's something.

Around 5:30ish I went on the balcony to take some pictures.  Since I'm facing east I should get up at 6:30 tomorrow when the sun is supposed to rise and see if I can get some decent pictures of the sunrise.  I always prefer sunsets just because I hate getting up early.

For dinner I just went over to the Fry's grocery store, in large part because it's situated even higher than the hotel here and from the parking lot you can get some better views of the mountains and city.  Back in 2008 I remember thinking it would be a good place for a superhero pose shot, like in the movies where you get that shot of the hero standing on some tall building.  If I had a tripod or could badger someone into taking the picture I might try that.

And then I took my bath.  The only bad thing about the tub is there's no temperature control it seems.  All you get is scalding hot water, so you can either wait an hour or so to let it cool or dump some cold water in there.  I did the latter but it was still a little hotter than I'd like, but I guess that helps relax your body better, which I suppose I could use.

Tomorrow I'll probably go into Fountain Hills the town.  They have this big pond, in the center of which is a fountain that at certain times of day will shoot water really high into the air.  The last time I visited, I ate lunch at this sports bar on the corner so I could wait for the fountain to go off and get a few pictures with my camera.  Because I take that shit seriously.

I'm not sure if these pictures will load, because this Wifi probably isn't the fastest.  Though it doesn't have an annoying login screen so I can use my Roku.

Wow, that was really fast.  Almost Starbucks fast.  This Wifi does more with 3 bars than most motel Wifi's do with 5 bars.


  1. Interviewing gets easier the more you do it. The biggest thing I find is that most people aren't even prepared to do a good interview, which leaves you having to do most of the talking. Also maybe you would like to work for a temp agency and that way you could keep moving around after so many weeks? The interview process is usually not very involved. The only downfall though is no benefits unless you buy them. I heard Starbucks was having a contest called "Starbucks for Life" you might want to look into that since you go to those so much.

    Nice pics as always!

  2. On the plus side, you don't have to be awesome it interviews to get a job, just better than the other guys also interviewing. Since most people don't excel at interviews, you might not have done so bad.



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