Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Grumpy Bulldog Does America Day 56: Miscellania

If you read yesterday's entry, I talked myself into going to Best Buy to get a memory card for my camera.  First I got up at 9ish and got breakfast.  Today they had little smoked sausage pieces.  I had some of those and then an omelet with toast, on which I put some creamed cheese so it was cheesy tasting.  I had a $5 coupon at Best Buy which in theory I could have handed them my phone but the Hampton has a business center with a printer, so I could just print it off for free, which seemed easier.

I finished reading through the story I'd written the day before and then shaved and showered and stuff.  Around noon I finally left.  Of course the GPS tells me the nearest Best Buy is some mall.  Maybe there was a mobile store inside, but I wasn't going to walk around finding out.  But some good came from it as I saw a lady walking a couple of bulldogs!  Of course I didn't have my camera out in time to get a picture.

The next nearest Best Buy was over on the west side of town.  There was a bunch of suburban sprawl stuff there, including a Panera Bread next door.  I found the digital cameras and at first I thought they had only two different memory cards, which wouldn't be a surprise.  But in the next aisle over they had more.  I'm not sure if there was much of a price difference over the one I had bought a few years ago.  I mean the 16GB I bought was the same size and was on sale for $18.  It claims it's faster than previous ones, which I doubt, but whatever.  I guess it took me this long to fill up the other one, so it should last a while.  With the $5 off and a 10% coupon I had, it was only about $12 for the thing.

Then I had to go all the way across town to get to the restaurant Tony Laplume recommended.  Along the way I passed one of his old comic book stores without realizing it.  I saw "Heroes and Dragons" written on what seemed like an ordinary office building and I thought, WTF does that mean?  But I guess it was a comic book store.  Weird. 

Eventually I got to Thai Basil.  Tony recommended the sesame chicken but it was listed on the menu as hot and spicy.  I suppose I could have asked them to not make it spicy.  Instead I got cashew chicken, which was good.  The egg roll was really tiny, like the width of a cigar and about half the length of one.

About a half mile north of there is the Air Force Academy.  I passed a sign saying you were entering an air force installation and couldn't enter without permission of the base commander or whatever.  I didn't feel like being arrested so I turned around and went back to the hotel.

Since no one was around, I decided to go swimming for the first time on this trip.  The pool was only 5 feet deep at most, but whatever.  It was nice, especially having the whole pool--and hot tub--to myself.

Later for dinner I went to Captain D's.  I think we went there in Florida a couple of times on family vacations.  The drive-thru had a sign saying to honk when you were ready to order.  From Carl's Jr in Yreka, CA I know they take that shit seriously, so I honked.  I got a fish and chicken combo.  It's pretty much like Long John Silver's, except the chicken is battered differently, more like Arby's chicken fingers and the like.  And I thought the hush puppies were better.

Anyway, not a lot of pictures today.  These are the last ones on the old memory card.  Tomorrow I can try out the new one as I head back to Las Vegas...New Mexico.  D'OH!


  1. I'm confused . . . why did you have to buy a new memory card? Don't you download the photos and then delete them from the memory card? That's what I do. I mean I don't always delete them right away, but after I make sure I've downloaded them I do delete them. I can't tell you how many photos I've taken with the 16 GB card in my camera since I got it a year ago. Mutts are so weird! Bears are smarter! :-p

  2. New Mexico is next, eh? I think you should do one of those Indiana Jones maps to chart your route across the states.

    Also, I hear border patrol guards can, scary. So be safe.

    Wait, you said NEW Mexico. Nevermind.

  3. "There's a NEW Mexico?"-- Homer Simpson.

    I had nothing to add to this post, so I brought a little light into your life via that quote.

  4. Have to agree with Yzerbear. Once pics are saved, you can delete pictures from the memory chip fast when the camera is linked to the computer.

  5. I swear it's not actually spicy. Unless they've changed it. The suburban sprawl you speak of is right next to the Chapel Hills Mall (the revamped theater ought to be open by now, which hopefully ought to bring in new traffic), which is bigger than the Citadel Mall on the other side of town. However, both malls have a Wal-Mart right next to them, too. For convenience. or wait, did you go to a different Best Buy? Because the one I'm thinking of is right near Thai Basil. You probably found a different one?



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