Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Grumpy Bulldog Does America Day 47: Razing Arizona

So to catch you up on Sunday:  the Internet wasn't working for some reason late Saturday until Sunday afternoon, which was pretty annoying.  Here I sang that hotel's praises and then the Internet goes out and the  "cable" consisted of only local channels and shopping networks. 

Sunday afternoon I went out to get some pizza, since I couldn't order any online or anything.  The GPS told me a place to go, but I couldn't see it from the road.  It turns out the GPS was right (for once) but the place just has shitty signage.  Anyway I went across the street to this plaza and went to Streets of New York, where I got pizza from in 2008.  Their pizza is super expensive and really not any better than Little Caesar's or that ilk.  While they made the pizza I went to Starbucks and used the Internet there to book a hotel in Tucscon for today, which turned out to be a mistake.

I finished the second Raymond Chandler omnibus I brought with me finally.  I decided to just leave it in the room.  I think it looks pretty classy by the fireplace, next to the coffee table book of Arizona stuff:

Interestingly, in Chandler, AZ there's a Ray Road.  It's funny that one exit sign says "Ray Road" and then "Chandler Boulevard."

It started thundering around sundown and I went outside to take some pictures.  The door always stayed open so I didn't bring my key.  Well of course this time the door blows shut, leaving me locked out!  I'm surprised it took this long for that to happen to me.  It couldn't be at a worse time since I didn't have any shoes on, just socks, and it's a long walk over rough pavement when you don't have shoes on.  The lady at the desk gave me another key so I was able to get back into the room.

Here are those pictures:

Later I did a load of laundry.  They have a washer and dryer in this outdoor alcove, which is weird.  But it was only $1.25/load unlike $2 at Extended Stay.  Other than that I took a couple of baths.  I figured out how to get the temperature so it didn't come out scalding all the time.  That made it better.

Once the Internet got working I watched the last couple episodes of "Parks and Recreation."  The final episodes was one of the better final episodes.  Nothing completely idiotic like say "Seinfeld" or "Newhart" or any of those.

This morning I took another bath and a shower and then went out to McDonald's for breakfast.  When I got back, I loaded the car and then checked out at pretty much 11am sharp.

I stopped to get some ice for the cooler and then went to this scenic overlook not far from the hotel.

It wasn't a very long drive to Tucson.  It only took about 2 1/2 hours.  I went straight through to south Tucscon, where this dump of a motel Hotwire picked out is located.  There was an Arby's right down the road, so I went there to get lunch and then did some writing until about 3:30.

Then I went to the Red Roof Inn, which is the worst motel I've stayed on this trip, hands down.  The bathroom light was burned out and the front door handle/card reader is falling off.  I asked the front desk if I could get another room but of course not because I used stupid freaking Hotwire.  Which I need to complain to them because they described this as "2-star" motel.  Seriously this is barely 1 star.  Oh yeah the front desk guy also didn't have any light bulbs for the bathroom.  And apparently I'm supposed to change it myself.

When I went out for dinner I stopped at a Dollar General and bought some regular light bulbs.  Well screw me, the stupid bathroom light doesn't take normal bulbs!  And the cover over the light broke when I was trying to get it off.  But I did get the light to work by taking one of the bulbs out of light by the front door.  I don't need that one nearly as much as the bathroom.

But despite how crappy this motel is, there is a pretty decent view from the stairwell.  So at least I might have got some OK pictures.  Not that that totally makes up for it.

Tomorrow is a long drive into New Mexico.  I'm going to Las Cruces and then all the way up to Albuquerque and then Santa Fe.  I hope the motels are nicer--provided I'm not murdered in my sleep tonight.  Sleep with one eye open, gripping your pillow tight...


  1. Arizona has some beautiful views Pat and sorry you caught locked out in the storm.

  2. They wouldn't even change a light bulb? No wonder Red Roof Inns are dwindling. I tend to like the Arizona pictures the best..maybe because it's a lot different than Michigan.

  3. I hope the motel was cheap.

    And there are some cool pics in there.



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