Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Grumpy Bulldog Does America Day 48: Crossroads

Las Cruces means "crossroads" according to one billboard I passed. 

I left that dumpy Red Roof Inn by 10.  Do you suppose they'll bother to fix the door handle and bathroom light?  Nah.

I went pretty much across the street to the Waffle House, mostly because I haven't been to one that I can remember and there's a Josh Joplin song called "Waffle House Homecoming."

Their waffle was probably the second-best I had on this trip, after the one I got in Salt Lake City.  It's better than the ones I make myself.  Plus the syrup is better. 

I had to get some gas so I stopped at Circle K.  This not being San Dimas, CA in 1988 Bill & Ted weren't there.  Gas was only $3/gallon and it's actually under $3 in New Mexico.  Scary.  You'd think all that ISIS/ISIL stuff would cause gas prices to skyrocket.

Anyway, it was pretty much just a straight shot down I-10.  Not really straight, but no getting off onto any scenic bypasses or anything.  About 40% of it was in Arizona and the rest in New Mexico.  I'm not sure how far from Old Mexico it came, but there were a couple of signs for exits leading to Mexico.  Maybe I saw it out my window, which would qualify me to president according to Sarah Palin.

I stopped in some dump called Lordsburg, NM to get lunch.  It's funny there was a sign for a ghost town a couple miles away but the actual town seemed pretty much like a ghost town.  I don't think that one can be blamed on Wal-Mart either.

I went to Arby's at a truck stop, though I should have gone to McDonald's.  They want to charge you $2/hour for Wifi at the truck stop.  Lame.  And of course crappy Virgin Mobile has like no bars there either.  I just got a Beef n Cheddar combo with onion rings instead of fries.  While I was eating someone's shower was ready in the truck stop.  That seems kind of embarrassing to announce to everyone.

After that it was just straight on to Las Cruces, which apparently is in the shadow of a bunch of big mountains.  The Best Western Mission Inn is a little better than the dump last night.  I mean the door handle isn't falling off and the bathroom light works.  The room looks kind of weird and the placement of the TV is kind of annoying.

I went out at 6ish (Mountain Time now) to get dinner.  I took a few sunset pictures, but I didn't have a great vantage.  When I got back there was a cat by my room, but it ran away into some weeds.  Anyway, here you go:

Tomorrow I'm going to:


  1. When you go to Arby's, you get the curly fries. There is no acceptable alternative.

  2. I think blogger ate my comment. I asked if you were going to Roswell or Los Alamos. Also, the reason gas is so cheap is because of the price of crude oil.

  3. It's too bad you're not going to be there for the hot air balloon thing.



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