Saturday, October 25, 2014

Grumpy Bulldog Does America Day 52: Tale of 2 Cities

After warming up some ham & cheese croissants for breakfast, I ventured into Santa Fe Plaza, the old downtown area where the capitol and stuff is.  I found somewhere to park and then walked all around the area.

If you ever come here, bring money!  Most of the stores sell fancy art and jewelry and crap like that I have no use for.  About the only thing I could afford is food from the carts in the center square.

If you do have a bunch of money, you can buy a pink Masonic temple.  I'm not sure who'd want to do that, but that might be a neat place to live in.

What sucks is when I finally got back to the car, I had to pay for an extra half-hour though it was only like five minutes over an hour.  If the people in front of me had been quicker I could have saved a buck.

Anyway, here's the stuff from the Plaza:


I wanted out into the suburbs and eventually found where the Panera Bread is, not that it does me a lot of good at this point.  I got lunch at Wendy's and then headed to Los Alamos.

To get to Los Alamos you have to go over a couple of windy mountain roads.  Then the problem is they have the center of town closed for road construction.  Between the construction and a bum address, I never did find the museum I was looking for.  Instead I found a senior center, a little park, and the library, where I took a dump.

So instead of going to a museum I just got some random pictures from around Los Alamos.  The best is from this park I passed by, where these dudes were all dressed up in medieval gear and fighting with swords and axes and crap.  Nerds!

On the way back I stopped at a scenic overlook. It's not quite as good as Cedar City, UT, but I guess it makes the trip not a total loss.

Tomorrow should just be doing laundry and eating French bread pizza and watching football.  By the time I wake up tomorrow the Lions will already be losing since they're playing in London at like 9am EST, or 7am here.


  1. You're right. The Lions are already losing. They don't look so good today, but hopefully it will change.

    Loved the pictures of all the buildings.

  2. The stone table and chairs is cool...but I wonder how comfortable that would be playing chess on for a long time.

  3. New Mexico has a lot of open space. It kind of looks desolate.

  4. New Mexico sounds like a cute, but expensive, little place. That one woman with a kid is giving you the stink-eye. LOL

  5. Okay, so I know I am some days behind. I'll try to get caught up later in the week.



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