Thursday, October 23, 2014

Grumpy Bulldog Does America Day 50: Random ABQ

I didn't get up until 10:30 this morning, so I missed breakfast.  I decided instead to go to Dairy Queen and get a Reese's Blizzard.  Yum.  Breakfast of champions!

While there I looked for Breaking Bad locations on my phone.  There were a couple of maps that were hard to read on my phone's screen.  The other problem is that some things like Los Pollos Hermanos or the car wash in real life are part of a chain and there's like a half-dozen around town, so who knows which one is right?  I probably could have found Walter White or Jesse's house, but taking pictures of some real person's house seems kind of cheesy.

But I did find one location.  According to my research Better Call Saul's office was actually a bar called Hooligan's.  The GPS could find it (and there was only one) except when I got there, I guess they changed ownership in the last year, so now it's called something else.  I'm not sure if the bar and the nightclub would have been part of his offices or not.  I found it kind of funny there's a Hobby Lobby across the street given how ultra Christian their ownership is.

Anyway, mostly I just drove around Albuquerque.  First I wanted to go to the Old Town, but there was construction making it hard to find anywhere to park.  I went downtown, but didn't feel like spending money on parking, so I just took pictures from the car.  That's the lazy way to go urban exploring.  I have pictures of the Old Town and that from foot somewhere, probably on one of my backup drives if anyone desperately needs to see that.

I went past the Biopark, which I've been to before.  I ended up stopping at Tingley "Beach" which is really just a duck/goose pond.  I was trying to find a KFC because I had the hankering for chicken and the Los Pollos Hermanos place is actually a burrito restaurant called Twisters.  The KFC was a Dairy Queen, so I ended up going all the way to the east side of the city to find another one.  I got one of those $5 boxes and lived dangerously by eating the mashed potatoes.  Well, more like inhaling them; so long as I don't really taste them I'm fine.  I know that's irrational, but whatever.

For some reason clerks in Albuquerque are being as observant as those in Washington when it comes to waiting on customers.  I mean at the KFC I was in line and when it was my turn the clerk just wanders off to the back for a while, until someone else finally told her she had customers--still.  ADHD maybe?  Or maybe I have a cloaking device?

But then when I went here to Panera Bread the same thing happened only two other people were ahead of me in line.  The clerk just wanders off to the back and even though there are like seven other people working in the kitchen, it takes a while for someone to bring her back to actually take orders.  Meth is a hell of a drug I suppose.

There you go, that was my exciting day, going south, east, north, and west all over Albuquerque.  Though I didn't get over to the baseball stadium and that.  I stayed near there in 2006 and might have again except the motel was a different one and didn't have an opening I guess.  But whatever, I got pictures of that somewhere too.

I finished a story I was working on at Panera Bread.  It was one of those that starts with a simple idea and then became more complex until all the sudden I had like 75 pages.  It was kind of a fun one to write as it riffs on my Girl Power story and Last Action Hero.

Here are all my random pictures, mostly from the car:

Tomorrow I go to Santa Fe.  Huzzah!


  1. I'm trying to remember if I drove through Albuquerque on my way to the Grand Canyon with my dad back in 1992. But heck that was 22 years ago and I can barely remember this morning. So I'm going to go with "Yeah whatever."

    I'm like 1/3 of the way through "Girl Power." It's very good but I took a break because for Sweetest Day Sweetie bought me "Tigerman" by Nick Harkaway and I couldn't resist starting it. But I'll get back to GP soon.


  2. Nice to hear you're getting some editing done Pat and Albuquerque does not look like a nice place to visit.



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