Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Grumpy Bulldog Does America Day 55: Old School

I got up at 9 this morning and thankfully this Hampton in Colorado Springs actually  has breakfast until 10am.  Really I don't know why more motels don't do that, but whatever.  Too bad for the hot items they only had French toast sticks, potatoes, and cheese omelets.  I'd have liked some bacon or sausage or ham or something, but beggars can't be choosy so I got some French toast, potatoes, and a muffin.

The plan after I took a shower was to go to a Starbucks that was next to the Panda Express where I got dinner last night.  So I get my stuff and walk in the door and there's nowhere to sit.  And since it was like 48 degrees outside I wasn't going to sit out there to type.  So I said screw it and left without buying anything. 

On the way out some homeless guy tried to ask for change.  Hey buddy, how about giving ME some fucking change for "bus fare."  My fucking bank balance yesterday was like -$97.  That's because I keep forgetting when this one automatic payment comes through.  At least now my Amazon money is being deposited so I'll be in the black again.

Anyway, I went back to my motel room.  I had a couple bottles of Starbucks frappuccino in the fridge that I hadn't used yet, so I just drank those while I wrote for a little while.  The only thing is a lot of motels that give you a desk for some reason put it right in front of a big mirror, like you want to watch yourself type because you must be a huge narcissist. 

I went out to get lunch at this Chinese place that pretty much sucked.  Tony Laplume told me a place to get sesame chicken but it was too late for today.  Sesame chicken is really only good when it's fresh.  When they let it sit around in warming trays for hours it gets dried out and stringy and just inedible.  The sauce was pretty good on fried rice.  While I was eating the waiter comes over and says they're shutting down the cash register so I need to pay now.  WTF?  It's like 2pm!  Yeesh.

After that I found a Panera Bread closer to downtown.  This old lady had been doing something that got her hands all wet and then she takes my My Panera card without drying her hands, so it gets all wet.  Good thinking, old lady.  I wiped it off on my shirt before I put it away.  Then these ladies chose a table where they were sitting right in both aisles, bottlenecking everything.  I had to scrunch past one to get to a table.  If I hit the bitch in the head with my ass or something it's her own fucking fault.

I finished the story I was working on by 5, so then I could leave.  I went to King Sooper's and got soup.  Because I wasn't all that hungry.  I got a couple little ice cream cups too since they could fit in the tiny freezer in my room.

I got back in plenty of time to watch "The Flash".  And now I'm watching the World Series.  It'll really piss me off if Kansas City wins 2 World Series in 29 years and the Tigers wouldn't have won one in 30 years.  And they lost to the Giants in 2012 too, though that Giants team was better than this one, but still.

Anyway, not as many pictures, which is good since my memory card is almost full.  I'll have to back it up to one of my hard drives and then wipe it.  Or buy a new one or something.  Basically I've taken 15GB of pictures so far.  If I go to buy a new one I'm sure I could get bigger for less.  Plus I have a 10% off coupon at Best Buy.  And $5 in Rewards cash, so I guess I should go to Best Buy tomorrow.  Talked myself into it.  And see if that restaurant Tony Laplume recommended is there yet.


  1. Sounds like you're not a big fan of Colorado Springs. I didn't know that's where Tony was from. I don't read his blog often enough to know that. Great pics of the Rockies.

    1. I'm not from there, but I was there for seven years. Pat drove by where I lived! He spent a bunch of time eating near where the Borders I worked at for most of that time was (it turned into a Sports Authority)!

      And Thai Basil totally cooks to order. They are worth it. If you were in for an extended period of time, you would become obsessed.

      The only things you would need to do to get the whole Tony Laplume Effect in Colorado Springs would be visit a movie theater (Kimball's if you prefer "prestige" movies, or Picture Show if you want to go on the cheap, or Tinseltown if you want to go where I went many, many times), or one of the fine comic books stores I frequented (Escape Velocity downtown, or Muse Comics out near the Citadel Mall, or if you want, Heroes & Dragons on the side of town where people actually have money, although it's funny because that's actually the wimpiest of the three).

  2. I guess you have a good point about Kansas City. You and my Dad would get a long great. heheh

  3. Those weirdos at Panara. I always felt like those were the folks that Starbucks rejected. You know, kinda the go-bots of society.



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